Happy things

I’ve been such a busy-bum lately I’ve barely had a chance to go on a proper explore with a camera, or take any nice outfit photos.  Whilst I get back into my groove, I thought I’d share some phone snaps of happy moments over the last few days…

001. Catching a bird mid-flight, along with the just visible moon, when photographing frosty rooftops.  The end of April has given us freezing temperatures, hats and gloves, seeing my breath in puffs when standing on the train platform, and de-icing my car in the morning.  I hope May is kinder, I would like to feel some warm sunshine on my shoulders soon.

002.  Blue skies and sunshine – May gave us a beautiful day yesterday, if not t-shirt appropriate warmth.  We walked around Poole Quay, drank cider and ate a Ploughman’s at The Stable (and resisted spending my whole pay check in Lush).  I wore my most summer-y outfit, of course.  I feel really stuck in a style rut at the moment, I do probably need to get out of my denim comfort zone…

003. Having time for reading – I went to London twice last week, which is just over two hours each way on the train.  With all that time on my hands I took the opportunity to catch up on some reading. I finished Dept. Of Speculation by Jenny Offill first, which is just the most wonderful book – I can’t even describe how perfect the writing is, it is pure poetry.

After that I read In a Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware, which was very suspense-ful and readable, a nice easy read.  I then started The Bones of You by Debbie Howells, which I’m enjoying so far, it’s another crime novel which I’m sure will keep me hooked and not be too taxing on the brain! Both of those last two are about £3.50 on Amazon at the moment, so good for stocking up the holiday read list if you’re going away soon.

Is there anything more perfect than staying cosy in bed and getting stuck into a good book on a Saturday morning?

004. Pretty things spotted when out running – I’ve been keeping up with my weekend runs, though my stamina is so rubbish at the moment that I have to do a lot of walking in between running.  I must admit I am a total fair-weather runner and I didn’t really drag myself out in the freezing temperatures, but now I can run past pretty hedgerows, blossoming trees and chirping birds, it makes putting my trainers on that bit more bearable!

005. Brunch with friends – we’ve had friends staying this weekend and we went for brunch in Southbourne at a cool little cafe where we’ve had really good food before. 

Unfortunately the food wasn’t great this time (cold, dry toast is what you have when you’re poorly, not when you’re out ordering brunch!) but it was still perfect to be out with friends whiling away a Monday morning (I LOVE bank holidays) drinking tea and catching up.  

How are you enjoying May so far?