A playlist for May

It’s no secret that I’m a total podcast addict, and most mornings I can be found catching up on my favourite podcasts during my drive into work.  But sometimes I’m just not in the mood for spoken word, and I need something a little more musical to sing along to whilst stuck in traffic driving.

May Playlist

I’m a total Spotify addict and the monthly subscription fee is one of the more worthwhile direct debits I have – I love listening to playlists on the go, and their Discover Weekly function is totally genius.  Here’s what I’m listening to on my journey to work this month – and you can too, here’s the link to my May playlist on Spotify.

1. Lost Boy – Ruth B
2. Friends – Ed Sheeran
3. We Are The People – Broods
4. Stronger (RAC Remix) – London Grammar
5. Panther – Made In Heights
6. Try to Make a Fire Burn Again – Dawn Landes
7. Home – Daughter
8. Turn Your Love – Half Moon Run
9. With The Ink Of A Ghost – José González
10. Coast – Dry The River

May Playlist

May Playlist
>> Vasa Earphones, Sudio, £55*

When I’m not listening in the car, I always take my headphones out running or to the gym with me.  My beautiful earphones are the Vasa from Sudio – in white and rose gold they are the dreamiest of colour combinations, and the sound is amazing (did I get my priorities wrong there?) They’re wireless so they’re perfect for running as I can just put my phone in my running belt and totally forget I’m wearing them (plus no getting tangled up with the dog lead or caught in bushes as I’m running – yes that has happened!) You can get 15% off these beautiful (and incredible sounding) earphones with the code RosieOutlook.  Totally worth it.

What are your music recommendations? I’m always eager for some new finds!