10 of my favourite instagram accounts

I’m majorly getting into instagram at the moment, in fact it’s become a bit of an obsession.  The new update and widespread fear over the idea of missing all your favourite people doesn’t bother me – if anything I follow a massive amount of people and it will mean that I’m seeing more of the people I interact with and less of the people who I just scroll past.  I followed a lot of American or Australian fitness accounts about a year ago and sometimes it’s depressing to see so many six-pack abs when I first wake up in the morning! I’ll be happy if the update means fewer toned and tanned chicks and more beautiful landscapes and breakfast inspiration.

I thought I’d put together a list of ten of my favourite instagram accounts and the ones I always look for when I’m scrolling through.

001. Hello Emilie {helloemilie}

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Hello Emilie is a photographer based on the East coast of Australia.  Her instagram is full of dreamy scenes, natural light and breathtaking landscapes.  It’s seriously wanderlust-inducing…

002. Being Little {being_little}


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I’ve followed Lyzi’s blog since I started blogging, and it remains one of my favourites.  Lyzi has an amazing eye for little details and her feed is always full of cosy evenings in, flowers, skylines, kitties and bright colours.  I often find myself going and checking Lyzi’s feed to see her latest posts as they’re always so cheery and perfect.

003. Julia Manchik {juliamanchik}

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Julia is a photographer and graphic designer who travels and explores with her husband (who also has an amazing instagram account), capturing landscapes and stunning views along the way.  I love the earthy, moody tones and graininess of her photos, they often feel like they were shot on film rather than a phone.

004. Diana Dontsov {diadonna}

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I’m a sucker for an inspiring food photography account, and Diana’s account certainly fits that bill.  She captures her dribble-inducing recipes in the most amazing way and her composition of those ‘over the table’ food shots is truly an art form.

005. Cédric Dasesson {cedricdasesson}

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Cédric’s account is another one I search for as soon as I log onto instagram.  Based in Italy, his seascapes and images of rugged coastlines are just stunning – there’s no other word for it.

006. A Color Story {colorstory}

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I use the A Color Story app to edit my photos for instagram (it’s so cool – trust me!) and if you follow their account then you can unlock a load of extra filters.  Upon doing this I discovered that their instagram account is actually so fab – so many inspiring, bright images and pops of colour that give me tons of inspiration for my own account.

007. Sarah By The Sea {saltyseaflower}

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Sarah hails from beautiful Cornwall and describes herself as a ‘beach comber, photographer and ocean dweller’.  I have such a soft spot for beautiful seascapes (especially in Cornwall, where I was born) and these, blended with the stunning buildings of Bath where she’s currently at University, make up the perfect instagram account – a must follow. (Her blog is absolutely lovely too, the perfect Sunday afternoon read!)

008. Jen – Little Birdie {jenlittlebirdie}

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Yorkshire based Jen has a real eye for capturing stunning countryside scenes, coupled with her beautiful home.  I need to enlist her in helping me find some vintage finds for our new house as I constantly get envy over her chairs and mantelpiece arrangements.  Again, I love the moody, grainy tones in her photography – she is a master at finding pockets of light and those earthy colours that really bring her home and her landscapes to life.

009. Caroline Burke {burkatron}

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Caroline is another blogger and instragram whose home gives me so much inspiration (and makes me want to pack my bags and move in!) She posts snaps of her lovely house, DIY projects and just general light, bright loveliness.

010. Felix Pradipta {felixpradipta}

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Felix is the Creative Director of Kanekin Magazine so it’s no surprise that his instagram feed is full of stunning photography and artful composition.  There’s lots to see on his feed, from landscapes, interiors, food and travel.  It’s the perfect account to get lost in and always gives me lots of instagram inspiration.

Who are your favourite instagrammers? I love finding new accounts to follow so do share your own and the ones you always hop into when you log in!

Ooh and if you fancy it, please do give me a follow – I post lots of seaside views, sunsets, brunches and snaps of Bodhi dog!