Staying in a cottage, and a countryside inspired wishlist

I’m currently away staying in a really pretty holiday cottage in Worcestershire with lots of my favourite ladies, celebrating Sarah’s birthday.  So far we have consumed our weight in pizza, cake and sweets, been to the Brockhampton Estate (and probably spent more time in the tearooms than the manor house) and drunk a lot of prosecco – a weekend well spent I’d say!



This is the view from the bathroom window – miles and miles of sheep-filled fields and hills in the distance.  I’m always torn between city life and countryside living – on the one hand it’s so relaxing being out here in all the fresh air and the quiet, with only the sound of birdsong to wake you in the morning.  (Although the isolation can be a bit scary at times; we really are in the middle of nowhere and Katy has expressed frequent concerns that there might be people in the woods just waiting to creep out and kill us).  We went on a cake run yesterday and we had to go on quite a mission just to find the village shop, plus some of the narrow, winding country roads are not very much  for driving down! It really is very pretty out here though, it’s such a beautiful part of the world.


I hastily packed on Thursday night when I should have been preparing for another job interview – and as my mind was on other things I managed to neglect to bring anything particularly practical, so no welly boots or thick, warm coat (which became obvious yesterday in the freezing temperatures!).  Whilst drinking my cup of tea in the cosy living room this morning I had a peruse around and made a  little wishlist – I would definitely like to acquire a herringbone blazer, tweed field coat and cute printed wellies for my next weekend away.

Joules Collage

1. Olivia blazer, Joules, £99.95

2. Fedora, Christy’s via ASOS, £22

3. Bee print wellies, Joules, £39.95

4. Cross body bag, Joules, £99.95

5. Tweed field coat, Joules, £229

6. Parka, ASOS, £55

I hope you’re all having fab weekends – we’re all currently still in our pyjamas, having had a big brunch and a glass of Bucks Fizz – it shouldn’t matter that I don’t have anything practical to wear as I don’t think we’re planning on leaving the house today – perfect.