New Year’s Resolutions 2016, plans + Core Desired Feelings

I think the decision either to, or not to, make New Year’s Resolutions is a very personal one, so I am always a little bemused every year when people get on their high horse about people who do.  I totally get that you can make changes any day of the year, but I think that having a fresh page in a new diary makes it easier to make a clean start, and make some changes for the year ahead.

After reading The Desire Map and listening to podcasts by Jess Lively on values based intentions, I prefer to set goals and intentions that are more about how I want to feel, and linked to my personal values, than resolving to say, lose 10lbs, or learn Spanish.  This isn’t to say that they aren’t great resolutions (especially the first one after all the Toffifee I’ve eaten in the last week) but if I say that I want to feel healthier and fitter, that gives me a goal to keep striving towards even after that pesky 10lbs has disappeared (which will just drop off, I’m sure…)

The lovely Louise from From Pauper To Princess shared the below planner in our Bournemouth Bloggers WhatsApp group and we all got straight onto downloading it (the free printable is from the Secret Owl Society here) and filling it in.  For some reason when I reduced the version I used to the right size for the blog it’s made it a bit rubbish quality but hopefully you can still read all of my plans!

I think the general theme is to do less over-thinking, feeling guilty, being cross with myself and worrying about things that have happened in the past or might happen in the future… and instead to be more present, slow down, have more ‘me’ time and gain more ease and balance in my life.

As part of The Desire Map, you create ‘core desired feelings’, which are sensations, emotions, states of consciousness, inner states and things to work towards and guide you in all aspects of your life and decision making.  (There is a very mini worksheet on this here but I do recommend reading the book and filling in the longer version in there as there’s a lot more guidance and support in there).  I created mine a couple of months ago and I’m still pretty happy with them! I’ve tried to encompass them in my New Year’s Resolutions sheet.

Core Desired Feelings

2016 will definitely be a year of great change for me, as I start the year both with a house move impending and having to apply for new jobs.  I do have some more tangible things I would like to achieve but I think overall I would just like to make 2016 as happy and healthy as possible.  

Have you made New Year’s Resolutions this year?