Christmas Gift Idea: Hotel Chocolat Merry Christmas Hamper

As I mentioned in my last post, my favourite type of Christmas present is one that really spoils the person receiving it, and is something they wouldn’t buy themselves.  I love making up yummy food hampers or treating them to expensive chocolates as, let’s face it, very few of us regularly buy ourselves big boxes of chocolates (well, okay, not that often…) but receiving one is a real treat.  What is Christmas about if it’s not for stuffing yourself full of fancy chocolates when it’s still only 9am…

Hotel Chocolat is my favourite stop for chocolate-y treats, and they really pull out all of the stops come Christmas with their gifts selection.  Their Christmas hampers really are a sight to behold – it’s impossible not to browse their gift selection and not hope that there’ll be one waiting under your tree come Christmas Day. I was lucky enough to be asked to road-test the Merry Christmas Hamper, which had me dribbling just at the description.  I really felt like a right lucky sausage when it turned up…

Hotel Chocolat Merry Christmas Hamper
// Merry Christmas Hamper, Hotel Chocolat, £50*

I get my parcels delivered to work and it was hard to keep everyone’s paws away from this box when it arrived! As you probably know by now (as does the barman at our Christmas party last night – ouch) I am a total prosecco enthusiast, and what could be a better pairing than a glass of prosecco and a ginormous box of Christmas chocolates?  (The gingerbread and milk cookies, drinking chocolate, caramel fiddly penguins and coconut snowballs can come to the party too….)

Hotel Chocolat Merry Christmas HamperHotel Chocolat Merry Christmas Hamper
Hotel Chocolat Merry Christmas Hamper

Even Bodhi got involved when I was opening the box – I guess this hamper is irresistible to all; from HR office workers to fluffy pups! If you’re looking for a treat for someone and you’re spending around the £50 mark then I couldn’t recommend this more – Hotel Chocolat chocolate is just absolutely amazing; I’m always popping into their Southampton store to pick up a few treats (for myself – ahem).

Would you be excited if Father Christmas brought this down the chimney for you on Christmas Day? Are you a fan of Hotel Chocolat?