Ten Favourite Things 005

001. Listening to the sound of pianos and waves is my new favourite thing (or pianos and rain, if you prefer).

002. This interview by Lauren Laverne with JK Rowling is awesome.

003. This story of kids in Canada who tied coats to lampposts to help the homeless really warmed my heart.

004. Here’s a list of five TED talks that will boost your emotional intelligence.  (I’m a TED talk addict – I also love their podcast, the TED Radio Hour – I recommend the Everything is Connected episode, I’ve listened to it four times and am currently reading George Monbiot’s book, it’s so interesting.)

005. We put the Christmas tree up tonight – very exciting! I know some people might think it’s a bit early but I’m away in Northampton next weekend, so the next opportunity I’d have to do the decorating wouldn’t be for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t wait that long! I’ve also been doing lots of wrapping, taking inspiration from Pinterest of course!

img credit: craftberrybush.com

006. I laughed until I cried at this article – 24 pictures that prove that Ken M is the greatest troll on the internet.

007. I listened to Jess Lively’s recent podcast episode with Leigh from the Enneagram Coach and I was really intrigued by the Enneagram personality test.  I’m such a personality/self-awareness test addict so I couldn’t resist. I’m a Type 5 – safety, security and a bit rubbish with emotions – yep, that’s me! You can take the test here if you’re intrigued too.

008. My favourite blog this week has to be the lovely bleubird blog.

009. We’re not much further forward with our move unfortunately – things are ticking along but they seem to be taking a while.  Of course I’m still furiously pinning lots of dreamy interiors on Pinterest – particularly lots of retro-y inspiration.  I particularly have my eye on lots of things on Multiyork – we’ll definitely be getting a new sofa from them when we do move in, and I want everything from their Ellesmere range, particularly this dreamy sideboard.

img credit: multiyork.co.uk

img credit: bloesem.blogs.com

010. I’m currently obsessed with the Adam Buxton podcast – he’s so funny and brilliant that I even love the interviews he does with people I’ve never heard of.  The Rob Delaney episode is great, as is the one with Caitlin Moran (of course it is).

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