November Pinspiration

As someone who puts a lot of pressure on themselves to make the most of every weekend and tick off everything on the do list, I must say that one of the main things I love about Autumn is that it forces you to slow down.  There’s nothing I like better than waking up on a Sunday and seeing the rain lashing against the window, the wind howling outside, and immediately feeling the pressures of the day lift away, as I give myself a free pass to hunker down with a good book and leave the chores for another day.

Autumn definitely brings many of my favourite things – steaming mugs of hot chocolate, dog walks spent kicking tumbling leaves, bonfire night, mulled wine and cider, cosy socks and sitting by the fire,  roast dinners in forest pubs, piling on the woolly blankets on the bed, filling the house with candles and catching up on my to-read pile.

One of my favourite autumn activities is to pin Autumn and Winter ‘inspiration’ – those images that make you feel all cosy and warm just looking at them.  I’ve now started moving onto my winter board – seeing all the snowy scenes has left me dreaming of a white Christmas! (I’m only just allowing myself to start looking at my Christmas board…)

Here are my favourite pins for autumn inspiration…

Autumn Pinspiration

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I’ve definitely taken some inspiration from my pinning already as I’m now off out for a roast dinner in a country pub (if there’s not an open fire I’m leaving immediately).  Hope you all are having similarly cosy Sundays!