John Lewis Blogger Secret Santa

Yesterday was a particularly exciting day, as not one, but three packages were delivered to my office in John Lewis packages of various sizes.  As I’d not ordered anything from John Lewis, I knew right away that it was my John Lewis Secret Santa gifts! I managed to resist the urge to open them straight away, and as soon as I got home I flicked on the camera and made a little video of me unwrapping my goodies…

You’ll have to watch the video to see what I received – suffice to say I am one lucky little sausage, and a huge thank you to Caroline from Burkatron for picking such amazing gifts for me – she certainly did well!  John Lewis have an amazing range of Christmas gifts this year and I’ll definitely be getting several of my presents for others from there.  (I’m also going to putting some things from John Lewis on my own Christmas list – particularly almost everything in the Kate Spade New York stationery range).

I’ll be doing a little blog post with a closer look at two of my gifts (I’m not spoiling the suspense, but one of them might disappear pretty imminently!) In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the video; I have a couple more videos planned over the next couple of weeks so I promise to perfect my editing and vlogging skills (and I might make myself a bit more presentable too as it turns out that the makeup I put on to go to work twelve hours earlier doesn’t look as great by 7pm, ha!)

Are you a fan of Secret Santa? What do you think of my pressies?