Christmas Gifts for someone who likes to be cosy | Slippers + Candles

always think that the best kind of Christmas present is something that a person
would love to receive, but wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves.That’s why I love buying people things that
inspire cosiness (because most people are better at looking after other people
than they are themselves, and often people don’t make enough time for self-care
as they should do) and also those little treats that are a little bit more luxury
than someone might buy themselves. A new
pair of slippers is a surefire way to spoil someone, and it’s a proven fact
that one can never have enough candles.So I thought I’d share with you two ideas for great presents – the perfect
pair of fluffy booties and a candle that can’t help but inspire a bit of
festive chill time. 

I’ve long been a Neom obsessive, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve managed
to convert my Mum and several others to being big fans of their amazing candles
and other dreamy products.  Neom candles
are a failsafe present as again, they are so lovely and lavish but something
that not everyone would buy for themselves. 
Last year Tom bought my Mum a Neom candle and I think it was one of the
best things she received; she hasn’t even lit it yet as the scent is so amazing
even when it’s not burning.  Their
Limited Edition Perfect Peace candle would much such an amazing present – with scents
of pine, myrrh and lime peel it’s deliciously Christmassy without being
overwhelmingly festive in a sickly sweet way. 
With a blend of 25 essential oils, it makes me feel calm and peaceful as
soon as it’s lit – it just has a way of lifting your mood and making you feel
soothed and calm (which a lot of people, myself included, need in the
post-Christmas period!) The design is so pretty too and would look amazing on
any mantelpiece (even after the Christmas decorations have come down!)

Neom Perfect Peace Candle
Neom Perfect Peace Candle
Neom Perfect Peace Candle
Neom Perfect Peace Candle
Neom Perfect Peace Candle
Neom Perfect Peace Candle, £34.95*

White Company slippers arrived for me last week and I was over the moon to
unwrap the beautiful packaging.  Nestled
within, wrapped delicately in tissue paper were the softest slippers I’ve ever
seen (and popped my feet in!) With a knitted exterior and soft faux-fur lining,
they’re the perfect way to warm up chilly toes on a winter morning! I pretty
much wear slippers the entire time I’m at home, but they’re definitely a
non-negotiable for days when you wake up before the heating has really kicked
into touch and it still feels too cold to venture out of bed.  They’re also the ideal accompaniment to
weekend lounging – preferably paired with some flannel pajamas and a fleece-y
dressing gown! I think anyone would be thrilled to find these under their tree –
when I buy slippers myself I usually just pick up something cheap from
somewhere like Primark, so having some White Company slippers that are
infinitely more luxurious and quality feels like such a treat.  I’ll definitely be adding to these to someone’s
Christmas present list this Christmas to share in the cosiness!


White Company PackagingWhite Company Knit Pompom Boots

White Company Knit Pompom BootsKnit Pom Pom Boots, The White Company, £40*

be doing more Christmas gift guides and suggestions over the next couple of weeks
but I wanted to kick this off with two of my own favourite things – just FYI, in both cases I haven’t been asked to blog
about them but I wanted to share them here as I feel like they would also make
amazing gifts for someone else (not mine personally though, I’m keeping them to all to

you picked up any perfect presents recently? I’m still in present buying mode
and have lots outstanding so do let me know if you’ve posted any gift guides