Thirty things I did on Sunday

As some of you might know, I’m currently pretty much house-bound with a stomach infection. Not nice.  I’ve been really having to force myself to rest, which I’m not very good at, as the Doctor told me that that’s the main thing that will help me get over it.  So I thought I’d document my very lazy Sunday…

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001. Made a mug of green tea – the way I always start my day (currently into Twinings Cherry Bakewell Green Tea).
002. Waved goodbye to Tom as he went off to go on a narrowboat for the day with his family – I was so looking forward to going but this stupid illness had other plans.
003. Reorganised my Pinterest boards – we put in an offer on a flat on Saturday (we haven’t heard anything – it’s so tense!) and so I’ve been adding lots of things to my home boards. I’ve now split my boards into different rooms as the ‘H O M E’ board was getting too full!
004. Read a bit of Heat magazine on the sofa whilst having some Bodhi cuddles. I don’t often read trashy mags but Tom bought me a stack as a bit of a get well soon present.
005. Listened to the ‘How to be amazing‘ podcast (interview with Chris Hardwick) whilst catching up on some blog reading.
006. Re-organised the vitamins and supplements cupboard and located my missing teapot behind a lot of mugs.
007. Re-organised the medicine cabinet – it was overflowing and a big mess and I couldn’t find anything!
008. Put the (electric) fire on, lit some candles and drank another mug of green tea sitting by the fire.
009. Baked a croissant – Iceland do a bake your own croissant pack and they are amazing.  I had it with confiture du lait bought the last time we were in France (it’s like caramel sauce… too good!)
010. Bought some new headphones from Amazon – I fancied getting some bluetooth headphones for walking and running (if they stay on!) so I grabbed this pair as they had some pretty good reviews. And they come in gold.
011. Hunted for a vintage, sherpa lined Levis denim jacket on eBay.  No luck yet.
012. Hung a load of clothes up that had been taking up space on the bed-drobe in the spare room.
013. Ran a bath and put in some of my ‘get well soon Rosie’ treat to myself – Neal’s Yard Seaweed and Arnica Foaming Bath.
014. Put on a face mask – Lush’s Mask of Magnamity.
015. Washed my hair – The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and a Keratin Mask – my hair already feels so much healthier since my new colour and cut.
016. Listened to Sarah Starrs’ Punk Rock Personal Development Podcast (interview with Nicole Harlow) whilst soaking in the tub – a very inspiring listen!
017. Read about my ‘personal portrait’ on (a recommendation from the podcast). Totally fascinating stuff. Saved it to read again later.  Sent it to my Mum!
018. Took my Milk Kefir out of the airing cupboard and put my milk in the fridge ready for adding to smoothies! I’m trying to heal my poorly gut and do some good things for my tummy so I’m trying a few different fermented foods at the moment.
019. Watched the latest episode of Hunted on Channel 4 catchup.  Thought a lot about what I would do if I was being hunted!
020. Made a (very basic) smoothie out of my milk kefir, adding a bit of cinnamon, agave nectar and a little bit of brown sugar.  It was really nice!
021. Made a toastie with some gluten free bread, parma ham and some cheese from the cheese festival we went to. Yum.
022. Did some colouring in my Mindfulness Colouring Book.  It’s definitely therapeutic!
023. Fell asleep on the bed with the dog for about two hours.  I just don’t seem to have any energy since I’ve been poorly.
024. Took the dog for a walk around the field near our house. Tried to collect some conkers but failed…
025. Researched half-marathons as I really want to do one either the end of this year or early 2016. Wondered if I could run a half-marathon that doesn’t allow you to wear headphones (surely that’s a recipe for boredom!)
026. Cooked a pulled chicken and refried bean fajita type thing for dinner, also very yummy (today has been a good food day).  I made a big batch of the chicken in the slow cooker the other day so this was a good way to use it up.
027. Read more Heat magazine on the sofa and set up some TV programmes to record this week – really looking forward to the second episode of You, Me and The Apocalypse – has anyone else watched the pilot? I loved it!
028. 7pm – X Factor time! Spent my evening watching X Factor and texting my Mum about whether we liked the contestants or not!
029. Tom came in and made me watch the Craigswitch Engage video after hearing it on the Daniel P Carter show on Radio One (fun fact – met Daniel P Carter at Reading Festival and he seemed really nice).
030. Almost time for bed – I always go to bed early on a Sunday night and read in bed until lights out time.  I also have a ‘Nuit Calme’ before bed – a sleepy tea mix that Tom’s parents brought me back from France for my birthday.  The one with honey is especially nice.

Night night everyone – did you have a lazy Sunday?