Ten favourite things 004

I’m just sat here with a can of Irn Bru (I don’t drink many fizzy drinks but I love Irn Bru), listening to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify (aren’t they just the cleverest thing ever? I’ve discovered so much new music through them!) and enjoying a very chilled Sunday.  This weekend has involved lots of chores and errands, but lots of doing nothing too, which is pretty much my perfect weekend.  I love that feeling you get when you’ve ticked off lots of tasks and done some tidying and cleaning, it means I can relax so much more than I normally would knowing I’ve been productive.

001. I can’t start this round-up without mentioning two things. I’ve discovered recently several newsletters that also round-up favourite links, articles, stories, music and all sorts, and send them out via newsletter every week. My favourite one is Luke Leighfield’s Ten Things, and there’s even HotPod, a newsletter about podcasts (which as you know I’m also a huge fan of).  For ages I’ve wanted to start my own newsletter, and I’ve finally got my page all set up – you can subscribe to A Rosie Letter here.  I’ve described it as ‘Postcards from the interweb; words of wisdom, snippets of inspiration and sparks of creativity. A curated collection of words and favourite found things.’ – I hope you’ll love it! I’ll hopefully be sending my first newsletter out next Sunday.

002. As Autumn is well and truly here, I am for sure being a total basic and filling my house with candles, drinking hot chocolate, and getting cosy under a blanket with a good book.  It’s compulsory.

img credit: iwanttobeinvisible.tumblr.com

003. As I mentioned earlier, my obsession with podcasts continues – they really do change my commute from rage-filled clock watching to feeling inspired and learning new things.  Three favourites this week are Limetown (a spooky, mystery podcast about an abandoned village), the Well Aware podcast (minimalism and wellness) and the One-Part Podcast (inspiring stories about wellness, food and lots more).

004. My favourite thing I have read this week – ‘When I’m Gone – Life Tips‘ (my life tip – have a tissue when reading this).

005. I have become a bit obsessed with Hygge (a Danish word that is very difficult to translate but essentially means simple living and cosiness, especially in Winter – there’s a nice explanation on this blog).  I even have a Hygge Pinterest board.  Can I go to Denmark and live in a cosy little cabin until January please?

img credit: h-o-r-n-g-r-y.tumblr.com

006. I read this article on using Evernote for blogging and it sounds like I’m going to have to start using it – will it change my life, Evernote users?

007. Now the leaves have changed and it’s a little chillier, it’s time to start playing this album on repeat. {Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago}  

008. My favourite blog this week is Me and Orla – her photography is totally stunning (her instagram is definitely worth a follow too). 

009. I can’t remember what I last wrote on here about moving house, but house things are definitely progressing for us – we sold ours about a month ago and had an offer on a flat in Bournemouth around the same time (I say flat, I think it’s actually bigger than our house!) Naturally I’ve been doing lots of pinning and losing lots of time on Homify.  Homify has tons of home inspiration, idea books and a great community for chatting through ideas with.   You can definitely lose hours on there though – if we hadn’t had our heart settled on the flat we’ve bought, I quite fancy one of these Bauhaus style houses.  Oh and a reading room is a must…

Modern living room by davide petronici | architettura

by davide petronici | architettura

010. I really enjoyed this very extensive look at how top instagrammers take their photos, and their tips for great iPhone photos on goop.com.

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