Sleeping better with Neom + more sleep tips

I have been playing a frustrating game of hide and seek with that wily mistress, sleep, lately.  Just when I think I’ve caught her and she remains by my side for a few days, she flits off again to her secret hiding place and I spend hours lying awake, waiting for her to re-appear.

I’m hoping that my sleeplessness is only temporary and is linked to the fact that I was poorly for a little while and my body is still recovering (and getting used to not being off work and napping at 2pm every day – more’s the pity). Sleep’s favourite game of hide and seek (or rather, disappear entirely in a puff of smoke) is on a Sunday night, however.  Does anyone else find the same? I don’t know if it’s ‘back to school syndrome’, or having slept a little longer on a Sunday morning, but I just cannot drift off on Sundays.

I do think however that I’ve got my sleep routine pretty nailed.  Especially as I’m now in possession of this absolute sleep saviour, the Neom Pillow Mist (£20*).

Neom Pillow Spray

You might know by now that I’m a total Neom devotee, owning several of their candles, and having converted many friends and family to being die-hard Neom fans (every time I visit my Mum’s house a new product pops up – she now has me coveting their handwash!) The scents are just totally amazing – all of their products are 100% natural and ethically sourced, and they use expertly blended essential oils in all of their products that are specifically selected to promote tranquility and calm.

Neom Pillow Spray

Their pillow mist is no different – three spritzes on your pillow before bed claims to deliver a ‘better, longer and deeper sleep’, and I’d definitely attest that that’s been the case for me.  The scent is just so dreamy – as soon as I’ve given it a spray I already start to feel calm and relaxed; taking a big deep breath of the fragrance as I bury my head into the pillow just gives me that ‘ahhhh’ feeling of being at ease and ready for the land of nod.

Neom Pillow Spray

As well as the pillow mist, I’ve also stopped using my phone when I get into bed (I put it on charge and put it in the drawer to stop myself scrolling through Twitter and instagram before I fall asleep) and I’m trying to get Tom to stop using his iPad when I’m trying to get to sleep as I find the light from that really distracting.  I’m also a fan of ‘sleepy teas’ – the Clipper Sleep Easy tea is great, and I usually put a few drops of the Jan De Vries Night Essence (flower tincture) in it as I find that really helps.

I always have a bath before bed and I like to use lavender essential oil and a nice bubble bath to help me wind down for the day.  As the bath is running I usually do a  little yoga on the mat in my bedroom – the Yoga With Adriene Bedtime Yoga routine is perfect for this.  After my bath, all that remains is to hop into my cosiest pajamas and settle down with a good book until my Lumie Bodyclock sunset light is completely dimmed.

What’s your bedtime routine? Have you tried the Neom Pillow Mist?