Making the house cosy for Autumn

One of my little idiosyncracies is that I’m a bit of a social media addict (always that person who asks for your wifi code when I come to stay), who has tried – and failed – a digital detox on many occasions, and is rarely far away from one of my gadgets, be it my phone, iPad or laptop.  And yet somehow, the idea of hiding out in a log cabin in the woods, with nothing but a roaring fire, cosy blanket, stack of books and notebooks and a method for brewing tea, appeals.  In the Autumn I tend to go into a bit of a nesting mode – scattering blankets around the house, cranking up the fire, and spending Sundays burrowed underneath a huge duvet with a good book.

I was recently offered the opportunity to snap up a few items from the latest George Homewares section, and the idea of stocking up on some new bits to cosy-fy our house definitely appealed.  I was not prepared for just how awesome their new ranges are – I’m not just saying this, I want everything. There are eight new ranges, which have taken inspiration from world travels, and different trends from around the globe.  I was asked to pick one and write about why I chose it, and it was HARD.  I was extremely tempted by Luna – all coppers and metallics, with smoky greys and charcoal.  It’s basically my interiors Pinterest board but in a ridiculously reasonably priced homewares range.  I mean – a globe lamp for £15? I have seen them for £50 in trendy design shops!

In the end though, my heart was won by the Tundra range.  I mean – even the name just conjures up images of moose galloping by your window as you relax in front of an open fire, swaddled in a (faux) fur blanket, with candles burning away in the background.  It makes me feel cosy just thinking about it.

Tundra | Asda George | Homewares

The next challenge of course was narrowing it down to a few items to welcome into our home (confession: I’ve since bought more!) A new lamp for Tom’s bedside table was a must – a beautiful ceramic base with a copper stand won me over immediately (and £35? Hello!) Some new comfy bedsheets were a given, this tufted, textured arrow cushion looks much more expensive than its £15 pricetag, and a new tray and mugs makes chai lattés in bed on a rainy Sunday morning much more fun.

Tundra | Asda George | Homewares
Tundra | Asda George | Homewares

tundra geo bedsheets: £12

bear mugs: £4

bear tray: £5

arrow cushion: £15

I’m a total sucker for quilt cover that has a different colour on the other side (mainly so I can fold the corner over and take photos like you see in interiors magazines…. yep).  This geo duvet cover is an instant favourite of my mine – putting the new sheets on on Sunday and then climbing underneath with Kinfolk magazine was probably the highlight of my week!  The only thing better than clean sheets, is new sheets.

Tundra | Asda George | HomewaresTundra | Asda George | Homewares

Tundra | Asda George | Homewares

ceramic lamp: £35

Tom is mega chuffed with his new lamp (“I get to control the light!”) – I have a Lumie light on my bedside table which I set to sunset mode and it slowly dims until it’s lights out.  Tom can frequently be found yelling “the sun’s going down too quick!” when he’s reading a book or magazine, so it’s a novelty for him to no longer finish reading something mid-sentence.

The Tundra range is inspired by the Great Plains of Canada – which is somewhere I’d definitely love to visit.  I love living in the New Forest and being able to see the trees and wildlife change through the seasons.  Whilst we don’t look out of our window and see elk grazing outside like we might if we lived in the Rockies in Canada, I’ve still loved being able to bring a touch of the Great Plains to our house with the George Home A/W range.  

Do you like to make your house cosy for Autumn? Have you had a nose at the George A/W range yet? (If not, you might want to do it now before I buy it all….)