Cosy Autumn Sundays + Pies

I think Sundays in Autumn are my favourite days.  I like to start to day with a big mug of green tea, and then relax in bed for a little longer than I’d normally allow myself to – flicking through a magazine (I’m loving Natural Health magazine at the moment and I’m trying to decide whether to treat myself to a subscription…) When I finally come downstairs, the fire goes on, and I always light lots of candles.  In Autumn, my house ends up being something of a Yankee Candle shop (well, me and every other blogger), but I can never bear to light the more expensive ones!  I have a Christmas Tree candle I bought from Anthropologie a couple of years ago that was about £20 that will definitely never get lit!

Sundays are definitely for staying in pajamas for as long as is practical – the first time I get changed on a lazy Autumn Sunday is usually to add more layers or put on my softest jogging bottoms and hoodie.  Like everything on a Sunday, breakfast is taken at a slow pace, and usually doesn’t arrive until around lunchtime.  Bacon sandwiches, poached egg and avocado on toast or Welsh Rarebit are all Sunday morning favourites (as I type this, Tom is currently in the kitchen whipping up Welsh Rarebit with cheese and bread we bought from a Farm Shop in Shepton Mallet yesterday – I have a feeling it’s going to be good!)

Autumn cosy evening in

I become a bit of a magpie in Autumn and am always collecting things from our dog walks – acorns, conkers, feathers, pretty leaves. We have a cluster of candles and tealight holders on our table in the living room and you can often find things I’ve found outside stuffed in pots and jugs!

Autumn cosiness

Hot drinks are obviously a must on Autumn Sundays.  Green tea is usually my hot drink of choice, but I love that the slowness of Sundays means you can take your time with tea and brew a proper pot of tea.

Autumn cosy Sunday afternoon

When my teapot comes out of the cupboard on an Autumnal Sunday, it’s obviously a time for Bluebird Tea – and what could be more Autumnal than their Spiced Pumpkin Pie Tea? (Pictured here with a Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle that, you guessed it, will probably never get lit!)

Bluebird Tea Pumpkin Spice

From pumpkin pie chai to a different type of pie…. After a bracing dog walk in the forest, there’s nothing better than coming home to the smell of a pie crisping up in the oven on a chilly Sunday.  I am a bit of a pie fanatic – pie, mash and enough gravy to sink a battleship is definitely my Autumn dinner of choice!

Higgidy Steak Ragu Pie

With this in mind I felt very qualified to try the new Higgidy PieSteak Ragu with Crispy Potatoes. We had ours with sweet potato chips and gravy.  Higgidy pies have been a favourite of mine for a long time and this one definitely didn’t disappoint.  It’s the perfect cosy Autumn Sunday evening tea – steak and smoked bacon simmered with red wine, topped with crispy potatoes! TOO yummy.

Higgidy Steak Ragu PieWe usually eat our dinners at the table (where phones are banned!) but we occasionally make an exception for a sofa Sunday.  Dinner may be eaten on the sofa, with blankets on our knees and X Factor on the TV!

Higgidy are actually holding their own Higgidy Sofa Supper Clubs, which are taking place in London on 30th October at Ice Tank, 5-7 Grape St, and in Brighton on 5th November at Caribou Rooms, 51 Brunswick Street East, Hove (PS – they’re free, and first come, first served so you might want to hustle!). To book a sofa you can go to  I’m pretty sure that pies and sofas are the best pairing since books and tea, so this sounds like an awesome idea.  Also – the sofa supper clubs are also being launched by Stephen and Chris from Gogglebox, I’m pretty desperate to go along and meet them; I reckon it would be pretty hilarious to share a sofa with them as they always have me laughing on Gogglebox (them and Geordie Scarlett, who I totally want to force to be my friend).

What are your favourite ways to spend a cosy Autumn Sunday? (If it doesn’t involve pajamas and copious amounts of food, I don’t know if I want to know though…. just kidding!)