A weekend in jeans

I mentioned in my last blog post that I am probably the worst ‘fashion blogger’ (though I would never describe myself as that in any case) as I really do spend most of my weekends in jeans and comfy clothes.  So when George at Asda got in contact and offered to send me a pair of jeans to spend a weekend styling outfits around I was like ‘HEY – this is like my ideal campaign’.  Maybe the next one will be someone wanting me to photograph myself wearing a onesie, lolling by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate? (Cadbury’s, holla at me).  Lovely people that they are, they also let me pick a couple of other bits to go with my amazing new wonderfit jeans – so here’s a few little snaps from what I wore this weekend.

I should probably start by saying that I was already wearing the jeans, jumper and boots before we headed out to walk Bodhi around the block, and that my dog walking footwear of choice is not normally pristinely white boots.  It was imperitive to stick to the pavements during this walk, those boots won’t stay white forever otherwise! (Oh my gosh, remember when you used to buy white trainers as a kid and you would get that special shampoo stuff with a little brush to keep them white? No, just me?)

o u t f i t  o n e

Asda Weekend in Jeans post
Asda Weekend in Jeans post

Asda Weekend in Jeans post

hat: h&m {old – }

coat: george at asda >> £25

wonderfit jeans: george at asda >> £20*

boots: asos {old – }

dog: model’s own

These jeans are crazily comfortable, they’re kinda stretch-y and figure hugg-y (technical term) but in a really good way, not in a ‘better skip lunch’ way.  They are basically the dream jeans for people like me who tend to live in them.

On Saturday morning we nipped into town for me to get my eyebrows done and to grab some brekkie.  I am obsessed with this Poppy Lux duster coat at the moment, so that had to come out to be teamed with my trusty jeans.  Oh and in case you’re wondering, the Orla Kiely x Clarks heels are way more comfortable than they look, and I didn’t have to walk far for eyebrows and brekkie obtaining! (I’m not that person who pretends to be hanging out in 6″ heels all day when they’re really wearing Nikes).

o u t f i t  t w o

Asda Weekend in Jeans post

Asda weekend in jeans outfit
Asda weekend in jeans outfit post

coat: poppy lux >> £69*

jeans {as before}

heels: orla kiely x clarks {old}

The next outfit is a Sunday kinda outfit.  Tom and I went for a little stroll before he disappeared off surfing, mainly because it was a really mild and sunny day, so it was perfect for a little amble around where we live.  I feel like this herringbone blazer looks way more expensive than it is (it looks kinda Joules-y I think), but it’s another George at Asda special!  I quite like teaming a blazer with a scarf for when it’s not quite cool enough for a thick coat, it’s comfy but still looks smart (they’re also great for freezing air-conditioned offices like mine!). Oh, and I bought yet more ASOS flats – yes, I have a problem…

o u t f i t  t h r e e

Asda Weekend in Jeans post

Asda Weekend in Jeans post

shoes: , £28

jeans {as before}

jacket: george at asda >> £25

scarf: vero moda {old – }

So there you have it – my 48 hours in my awesome George at Asda wonderfit jeans.  Which is your favourite outfit? Are you a denim lover like me?