My current skincare routine

Over the last few years I’ve been a little bit ‘faddy’ with my skincare routine, switching it up every few weeks or so depending on what was on offer in Boots, or what people were raving about that week.  Over the last couple of months or so however, I’ve remained true to a few core products that are now the basis of my skincare routine, and all of which I’ve already re-bought or will be re-buying. I thought I’d share on here the six products I’m currently using on a daily basis to look after my skin.

My current skincare routine Feat. Kiehls, Body Shop, Botanics, Estee Lauder. #bbloggers

1. The Body Shop –  – £13.20

I bought this after borrowing Sarah’s and totally loving it.  When I went online to buy it I really liked the sound of the Cleansing Butter, and picked that up instead.  I slather this all over my face, including on my mascara, and then take it off with a warm muslin or a cotton pad.  It really does just melt away make-up and even removes waterproof mascara.  It’s really soothing and leaves my skin feeling really soft afterwards.

2. Boots – Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz – £5.99

This is actually one of the products that has stood the test of time, and one I always re-buy.  I find the rosewater scent so refreshing, I actually sometimes just spritz it on my face even when I’m not toning as it feels so invigorating! You don’t need tons of product and I simply spray it on and then use a cotton pad a few moments later to clear away any excess.  I use it in the morning and before bed, it just feels so kind on my skin – I love it!

My current skincare routine Feat. Kiehls, Body Shop, Botanics, Estee Lauder. #bbloggers

3. La Roche Posay – – £9.50

I actually bought this in France last year in a Chemist’s and hadn’t gotten around to using it until a few months ago.  My skin was getting quite dehydrated and dry and I thought I’d give this a try to see if it would help – and it did.  Almost immediately my skin was noticeably softer, and it really put the moisture back into to my tired skin.  It’s quite a small tube but you don’t need much (I also really love the smell!)

4. Estee Lauder – – £45

I actually gave this product a full review back in February and the bottle is still going strong! I use it before my moisturiser and it works so well and makes my skin look much brighter – it’s so silky it also works really well as a primer before applying foundation.  It definitely loves up to its name by minimising pores and making your skin appear fresher and more even in tone.  You only need about 2-3 drops to cover your face and neck which is probably why it’s still going strong seven months later! I’ll definitely be re-buying it when it runs out.

My current skincare routine Feat. Kiehls, Body Shop, Botanics, Estee Lauder. #bbloggers

5. Kiehl’s – – £49

When I first got this I actually wasn’t sure about it and demoted it to the back of the cupboard.  But recently I’ve been using lots of Kiehl’s products on my hair, and a couple of people at work were raving about this – so I decided to give it another try, and I’ve decided I love it!  I’s another product that feels super silky and instantly gets absorbed into your skin.  I have some fine lines between my eyebrows so I massage it into that area, and my crow’s feet and around my mouth (although apparently you’re just supposed to ‘pat’ it in) and I have seen a visible difference – I really do think it’s reduced the deepness of the lines between my eyebrows, which is amazing.  I use it before my moisturiser in the morning, and before using the Midnight Recovery Oil at bedtime.

6. Kiehl’s – Midnight Recovery Concentrate – £36

This product has actually been part of my bedtime skincare routine for some time now – I usually alternate it with the but I find myself now reaching for this product night after night.  This is a bit of a cult product as it really does do what it says on the tin – it has a really lovely essential oil-y smell, sinks straight into your skin, and leaves your skin looking revived and rehydrated come morning.  It’s very delicate and light so doesn’t feel like you’re putting something on that your skin isn’t going to be able to absorb, and you really do see noticeable results.

My current skincare routine Feat. Kiehls, Body Shop, Botanics, Estee Lauder. #bbloggers

So these are my favourite products for keeping my skin in tip-top condition – what are yours? Are you a devotee of specific products, or do you mix and match?