Bodhi’s Day Out – a video

I feel like Bodhi dog hasn’t been on the blog as much lately – he pops up on my instagram regularly enough (although it’s even been three weeks since he’s been on there), but he’s not had his own blog post in a while.  There could be a variety of reasons for his blog absence, but if I’m honest, his three week break from instagram is mainly because… Tom gave him a terrible haircut!  We have a pair of dog clippers to give Bodhi haircuts, and Tom set it to a much lower setting than usual and basically shaved him.  He looked terrible (it’s still really short!)  I like his haircut when it’s super shaggy and curly so I’m hoping it grows back quickly!

ANYWAY – so I’m practising making videos at the moment as I’d like to do a few more YouTube videos to share things like days out, weekly vlogs and reviews, so I thought as part of my learning how to use Movie Maker (no Mac, so no iVideo for me), I thought I’d make a little video of some highlights of our weekend, from a Bodhi eye view.

It’s not in the video, but one of his favourite parts of the weekend was when we were getting hog roast rolls at the festival, and he managed to find an area where people had dropped bits of pork from their rolls – he definitely helped clean up!

One of the things that Tom and I have always tried to do since having Bodhi is involve him in our life as much as possible – so we’ll take him to the pub when we’re going for a drink, Tom takes him to the beach when’s he’s scouting out the surf, we’ll often take him to friend’s houses (if they don’t mind), and of course he always comes away camping with us.  When Argos Dog Insurance recently asked if I wanted to share a post about Bodhi, I loved the idea of sharing a video of a ‘Bodhi day out’ – he really is such a happy dog and has a lot of fun being out and about with us.  I love it when you can tell that a dog is at the heart of someone’s family – I don’t understand it when people get dogs and then just leave them at home all the time!

Do you have a pet you like to take everywhere with you? (I realise this question may not apply to all of you cat lovers out there!)

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