Stick out your personality {and win some Mikado!}

I have a bit of an all or nothing personality.  With food in particular, I can either eat no crisps, or the entire tube of Pringles.  No Dairy Milk or the entire 1kg slab.  No pizza, or an entire 12″ Meat Feast.  I just can’t help myself, I have no willpower – I think the bit that sends a message from my brain to say I’m full or I don’t need any more is defective.  That or I’m just a total greedy-guts.  One of my most frequent phrases to Tom is “take these away from me” – he frequently has to hide tubs of Celebrations, jars of Lotus spread or bags of sweets around the house so I can’t find them.  I am a fiend! My consumption of Mikado sticks naturally also suffers the same outcome. It’s all very well them advertising that they’re only 11 calories a stick, but I can honestly say I’ve never eaten less than a whole box. My favourite are the Mikado Daim – they always seem to hop into my basket when I’m at the supermarket…

Mikado’s current campaign is called ‘Stick out your personality’ and it aims to discover all the weird and wonderful ways that people eat their Mikado sticks.  Personally I’ve seen a fair few people do the walrus (don’t even try and tell me you haven’t pretended to be a walrus with two Mikado sticks, I simply won’t believe you), people who use them as edible chopsticks, people who spear fruit or marshmallows onto them… Of course there’s lots of other ways your personality can affect the way you eat your Mikado – you might throw them in your gym bag for a post exercise treat, you might keep a stash in your desk at work for the 3pm slump, or you might keep them in your glove box for long car journeys.  They’re basically the perfect ‘on the go’ treat, right?


ANYWAY – enough gushing about those exciting chocolate-y sticks of goodness, what you really want to know is how you can win some Mikado goodies, right? You can win a Mikado selfie stick and some boxes of Mikado just by uploading a selfie of yourself eating Mikado and ‘sticking out your personality’.  Just upload your own selfie on Twitter and/or Instagram using the @Mikado_UK handle and #MikadoBy hashtag – and don’t forget to tag me @rosieoutlook so I can see your pictures! The competition closes at midnight on 4 September and Mikado will send you your prizes direct.


Of course I couldn’t ask you all to send in your Mikado selfies without doing one of my own.  Here’s my ‘Stick out your personality’ selfie – this pretty much sums up my approach to snacking.  What, they’re all gone??

So what are you waiting for – send me a snap of you munching your Mikado, but get your skates on as I have to choose a winner on the 5th – so you only have a week to do it!  Maybe some Mikado could hop into your basket the next time you’re at the supermarket – it really does have a habit of doing that, right?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mikado.