Pets in windows

When I first heard about the ‘pets in windows’ campaign it put an instant smile on my face.  I love nothing more than walking around our neighbourhood and seeing an inquisitive pet looking back at me from the window of a house as I walk by.  Dogs barking (with wagging tails) as I wander by with Bodhi, or cats who aren’t quite sure about the little pup strolling along in front of their kingdom. More often than not though, cats always look like they’re just waiting for their owner to return.  It reminds me of this quote from Margaret Mead – “One of the oldest human needs is to have someone wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night.” 

The Pets in Windows campaign is being run by Everest Home Improvements – and as well as providing some unbelievably cute photos of pets, they’re also giving money to the RSPCA for everyone who submits a photo.  But more on this later – for now I want to join in with the spirit of the campaign and share some of my friends’ photos of their awesome animals.  I can’t even remotely decide which one is the cutest though!  Unfortunately, Bodhi does not really spend his time looking out of windows – well, not up close anyway.  He sits on the stairs and barks at passers-by (and the postman!) but he doesn’t have a good enough perch to peer directly out of the window.  So my post about the pets in windows campaign is being fronted up by some other pets I know – onto the snaps!

001. This is Winston – he’s one very good looking cat isn’t he? His favourite thing to do when he’s not gazing out of windows is to push things off surfaces.  He belongs to my friend Charlotte – she’s even renamed her instagram ‘Winstagram‘ as he does rather dominate her feed (for good reason).

002. This is a slightly different angle for ‘pets in windows’ – this is my friend Lauren’s parents’ dog Kerry lovingly looking into the house.

003. And no blog post that features pets would be complete without the endlessly photogenic Dexter, owned by my awesome friend Ayden, of Little Blog of Horrors.

004. Talking of famous cats – here is Ralph and Runkle… You may know these cats from the beautiful Katy’s blog, Little Winter.

005. This is Rosie’s dog Piper – apparently she is a little menace now; this is from when she was 10 weeks old and wanted to play outside with the big dogs! There is more about Piper on Rosie’s blog here.

006. And this is Charlie’s cat Rooster (such a cool name!) when she saw snow for the first time…

007. This is my friend Becky’s cats, Oscar and Theo – I love this photo of them! (They look very innocent in this photo, which I know to not be true – at least for one of them!)

008. One last kitty photo – this is my friend Laura’s cats, they’re called Daisy and Anya.

009. Okay so I might have saved the best until last… but I would say that, I’m a dog lover (though these cute kitty photos could almost tempt me over to the dark side!) This is Oskar and his best friend Olive, of Uberlin – kindly sent to me by my friend Hannah, and taken by Zoe Noble.

If you have a cool photo of your pet gazing out of the window, you should definitely enter the competition.  You could win a £50 John Lewis voucher – but my favourite part of the campaign is that Everest will give £5 to the RSPCA (registered charity number 219099) for everyone who enters, up to a maximum of £5,000. You can enter online here  or using the hashtag #PetsInWindows via Twitter.

Is your cat or dog fond of looking out of the window? Do you have a favourite out of this rather adorable lineup? (I know – it’s impossible to choose!)

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This post is a PR collaboration – but I do really love this campaign! What’s not to like?