A bathroom update

Our bathroom has been a bugbear of ours ever since we moved in.  With peach walls, more cladding than a Swedish ski lodge, mildew that had grown its own mildew and fixtures and fittings straight out of the 1970s (literally, I think), it was far from a relaxing place for a soak in the tub.

We bought our house four years ago now and have slowly been updating it room by room, repainting, steaming off a lot of horrendous wallpaper, pulling up carpets and generally renovating the majority of the house (there wasn’t a single room that didn’t need work).  We had our kitchen completely refitted last year and the bathroom was next on the list to rip out and start again with.  We’ve been saving for a little while and looking at various loan calculators but we’ve not quite got there with our finances, or had the motivation to start looking at bathroom suites and taking on another big project.

My Mum has been saying for years that we should just paint the bathroom all white in the meantime just to freshen it up and get rid of the peach, and last weekend we decided to take her advice.  I am a real one for not starting anything until I am 100% ready to commit to a big project, but sometimes it’s good just to make a start or a little change in the meantime.  So we headed off to B&Q and bought paint, filler for all the holes and messy bits around the sink and windowsills, new towel rails, shower curtain and toilet roll holder, and a new bathroom cabinet, and cracked on with a lot of painting.  (Actually I can’t take any credit for this, Tom did all of it – well, the bathroom is pretty small, there’s really only room for one person painting in there…)

Bathroom update
Bathroom update
Bathroom update
Bathroom update

knot shower curtain: b&q, £12
plants and plantpots: ikea {old}

glass bottle: next {old}
bathroom cabinet: b&q {instore only}
spotty soap dispenser: h&m home, £4.99
shelving unit: ikea, £35

There’s still lots I’d like to change (those gold taps, awful!) but I can’t believe the difference it’s made, it feels like a completely new room and it’s so fresh and bright. Even just painting the windowsill and the radiator made it feel so much cleaner, you don’t realise when things accumulate a yellow tinge until the rest of the room is all white! I’m really chuffed to bits with it and I wish we’d done it years ago (sorry Mum, you were right).  Now we can keep saving for our dream bathroom (I will be taking inspiration from ghostparties beautiful bathroom – seriously, that girl has incredible taste!) but still have a lovely space to relax in in the meantime.

Do you have any home projects you’ve been putting off for years?

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