Jazzing up my Fitbit – Tory Burch Fitbit bracelet

Just a quick post today to share my new favourite wrist accessory – a snazzy new Tory Burch bracelet to house my Fitbit Flex! Since I got back from Bali I’ve been crazily into tracking all sorts of things, from my iPhone usage, to my heart rate whilst running, to my steps per day, to the amount of time I spent at work, through various different apps.  I hadn’t used my Fitbit Flex for several months, but in the interests of trying to motivate me to move more and look into my exercise and activity habits, I thought I’d reinstall the app, charge it up and get wearing it again.

The only thing that put me off is how wearing the Fitbit Flex looked.  I had a pink wristband that was both bright and garish, and getting pretty grubby.  At work, it didn’t go with my outfits and I felt it looked a bit sloppy and unsightly.  I hid it up my sleeve and put up with it for a couple of weeks, before I spotted the Tory Burch for Fitbit bracelets on the Fitbit website.  Without even thinking, I ordered one straight away – whilst I hankered for the double-wrap leather bracelet, £160 was almost three times what the tracker itself cost, so I opted for the more purse friendly silicone bracelet, for £35.  I wear a lot of navy, especially at work, so I instantly gravitated towards the design that looked a little like a blue china effect as I thought it would fit with a lot of my outfits.

It arrived so beautifully wrapped, I was way more excited to unpack it than I should have been about a fitness bracelet!  You have to already own the Flex in order to use the bracelet – you just slip the tracker into the hole in the back.

Fitbit Flex Tory Burch Bracelet
Fitbit Flex Tory Burch Bracelet
Fitbit Flex Tory Burch Bracelet

I am totally in love with it – I love that the tracker lights are shown inside the ‘T’ logo, it’s such a neat design.

Fitbit Flex Tory Burch Bracelet

I’ve been loving using my Fitbit Flex over the last few weeks, it totally motivates me to make sure I meet my step and activity goals – as well as tracking my sleep.  My best steps in a day so far is 40,000 steps, but most days I get around 15,000.  The ‘active minutes’ measure is also one I always look out for, yesterday I was active for 64 minutes, which I was chuffed with considering I sit in a car for two hours and at my desk for about seven hours.  It’s also interesting to see how much more active I am on days when I’ve had a better night’s sleep.

Do you use a fitness tracker? Do you have one that fits with your wardrobe or do you hide yours away like I used to?

If you’re considering getting a fitness tracker, I’ve also reviewed the Fitbug Orb and the Polar Loop on my blog previously… I’m a bit of a fitness tracker geek! 

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