A (big) catchup

I feel like, looking back on these photos, the last few weeks have past in a flurry of dog walks, drinks in gardens and barbecues.  Which is definitely not a bad way to spend your time!  I’m in this weird period at the moment where I don’t particularly like spending long periods on my own, but being so busy is burning me out a bit.  I definitely need to find that balance I’ve been looking for.  I have had some lovely days out and weekends away lately though.  All photos are from my phone camera I’m afraid as my compact is MIA and I haven’t been taking my SLR out much lately.

001. Hengistbury Head – I love Hengistbury Head and all its pretty beach huts.  Tom and I took Bodhi out for a long run here recently – I went on my rollerblades and Tom went on his skateboard, it was lots of fun!



002. Parents’ house BBQ – This weekend we visited my parents’ house for a barbecue – Tom’s parents came too and we had lots of fun walking the dogs on the beach and eating and drinking in the garden. It was a bit chilly and rained though – like a proper British BBQ I ate my burger in a raincoat with the hood up!  My parents garden and summerhouse is so beautiful, it never fails to put a smile on my face.  Was so nice to spend Father’s Day with my Dad too (excuse no makeup face).  Oh – and the mirror in the bedroom I stay in is perfect for quick outfit phone snaps, I can never help myself!

My parents' garden is so nice, I think I'm going to move into their summerhouse... {#garden #summerhouse #blueskies}

A little post-barbecue stroll along the beach at Lee on Solent. Barbecue in the rain and then a walk under gloomy skies; all very British.... {#leeonsolent #hampshire #beach #greyskies #walk}

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, my total hero. Love my Dad so much. Always has the best advice and knows exactly the right thing to say. Was lovely to be able to spend the weekend with him and my Mum. {#fathersday #dadtime #daddytaps}

My Dad made me a mean Pimms yesterday. Definitely got nearly all of my five a day in that glass! I feel it is Pimms season now, bring on more barbecues (without the rain this time), beer gardens and sitting in the sunshine with a cold glass of something t


3. Walks to the pub – One of the things I miss terribly about living in Southampton is being able to walk to a beer garden and while away a summer’s evening in a pub with a cold cider.  Our local pub is not my favourite (I don’t really rate the food unfortunately) but they have benches outside and serve cider, and that’s enough for me at the moment!

Sky during run

4. Weekend in Warwick – I spent the most perfect weekend with Sarah and Katy recently.  Sarah is always the perfect host and we had so much fun just lazing around, catching up, brunching in Leamington, walking Bodhi, barbecuing and generally just hanging out.  Love these ladies so much, not a day goes by when I don’t wish they lived closer!

UntitledSky during run

5. Sunny dog walks – Tom walks Bodhi in the mornings as I have a longer commute (and it takes me longer to get ready!) but we’ve been popping out after work to walk him too and taking advantage of the sunny evenings.  It’s nice to see Bodhi so happy, hopping around in the grass and taking in all the new smells and sounds.  The fields and paths around where we live are particularly beautiful in the Spring and Summer.

Sky during run

6.  Pamper evenings – I’ve tried to make time for myself recently and ensure I do the ‘self care’ stuff as well as being a busybum and being here there and everywhere.  Victoria Plumb recently sent me a Pamper Basket with all of these goodies in to help me relax and unwind – it was the best package I’ve received in a long time! We’re hoping to renovate our bathroom soon and we’ll be getting all of our fixtures and fittings from Victoria Plumb so it’s been lovely to connect with them.  I love the idea of having a ‘spa’ style bathroom where you can have a long soak in the tub and just ease all your cares away, candles burning and magazines stacked up by the side of the bath.  At the moment our bathroom is full of clutter and has peach walls and grotty pine cladding so it’s not a great place to relax! We’re not sure what the future holds for our house and how long we’ll stay where we are, but either way the bathroom needs an urgent revamp!

Sky during run

7. Reflection – I am finding things a bit tough at the moment but the comments on my last post meant so much.  I find blogging amazing for connecting you with people who feel exactly the same, and make you feel less alone, so thank you to everyone who has sent a kind word or advice.  Life is an adventure at times! 

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8. New design – I hope you like my new blog design – I fancied something cleaner and clearer, I really want to focus on making my blog great and being creative and getting lots of good content up over the coming months so it felt good to start with a ‘clean slate’ as it were!

Have you been busy enjoying the sunshine or does summer put you in chill mode?

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