Pre-holiday shopping

My outfits and fashion inspiration Pinterest board has definitely taken a turn for the summer now I’ve started thinking about our honeymoon, and dreaming of sunnier days now the clocks have gone forward.  I’m majorly crushing on denim cutoffs, panama hats, floaty dresses and stripes (but then, when I am I not obsessed with buying stripes?

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It’s been tricky (and felt a little funny) making sure I’ve got the basics for our Bali honeymoon in amongst all the wedding planning and saving.  But I’ve also lost a bit of weight since we went to America in September, so a lot of my summer wardrobe is a little too big now and needed a bit of a refresh.  Luckily I popped into Primark last week and actually got pretty much the whole list nailed; a couple of pairs of denim cutoffs, a new bikini to add to the ones I’ve already bought, and some vests and t-shirts.  I really love all the washed out ‘nepi’ t-shirts they have, they’re really comfy and slouchy for throwing on over shorts.

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After making a holiday wishlist the other day, my lovely friend Hannah sent me an email to tell me that she’d just returned from Bali and that loads of the things on my list – like crochet tops and surfwear – were handmade or produced in Bali and that it would be cheaper and easier to just buy it out there, so I’ll definitely be saving some room in my suitcase for some new treats! I had a Google around and it seems like there’s lots of lovely things to buy in Bali; from arts and craft-y bits, to jewellery, to soaps, skincare and all sorts.  I’m even more excited now!

I was also sent a link to a post on the world’s best shopping cities on the Club Med blog and sadly Bali wasn’t on there, but I was interested in some of the ones that were.  I wouldn’t have thought of Florence for leather, especially as I know several friends who’ve come back from Morocco with some beautiful handbags.  I have done some pretty good shopping in Paris though (in amongst all the red wine drinking and croissant eating!)

Will you be doing any holiday or new season shopping over the coming weeks? Where are your favourite places in the world to go shopping? 

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