So, it’s fair to say that the last few days have been something of a whirlwind! We got married on Friday on what was a perfect day from start to finish.  Saturday was spent relaxing and recuperating in our hotel, then yesterday and today has been packing for our honeymoon! I feel like I’ve not stepped down off cloud nine yet – it’s a bit like having gone from one flurry of packing and arranging things to another, so I can’t wait to arrive in Bali and be able to properly relax.  It has all been so surreal – having such a full-on, magical day, and then being back in our PJs at home watching Netflix on Saturday night! So bizarre – I still can’t get my head around it all.

I can’t wait to share the details of our wedding day with you and show you all of our amazing photographs, but I won’t have time to gather them up and blog about them before we leave, so I’ll be excitedly sitting down to capture the day when we return.  In the meantime I just wanted to quickly share with you some photos from today’s dog walk in the sunshine, and my rather lovely new Jord wood watch which will be being packed in my suitcase!

>> watch : jord fieldcrest black – $120*

>> cardigan : boohoo {old} 

>> top : missguided {old}

>> jeans : american apparel easy jeans – £66

>> shoes : sperry topsiders £65

The wood watch is so light and comfortable – it’ll be perfect for wearing in Bali, though I’ve been told I should basically abandon wearing a watch because the island runs on ‘Bali time’, which requires a bit of patience! My engagement ring and wedding ring are all squiffy in that photo too – basically my engagement ring needs resizing and keeps twisting and going out of kilter so I’ve been wearing that first below my wedding ring in order to keep it on! (People have told me I’ve got them in the wrong order!)

It’s back to packing now for me – my first decision is which camera to take (currently hurting my brain trying to decide whether to take an old camera or risk my lovely new one) and then I need to find my envelope of memory cards that I stored in a safe place that I now cannot find.  Whoever thought it was sensible to pack for a honeymoon in 24 hours – eep! I hope I’ll be able to check back in here and blog whilst I’m away, but until then you can follow my Bali adventures on instagram if you fancy!

Ooh and PS – thank you to those lovely people who took time to send me a tweet or a message, or a comment on here to wish us a great wedding day on Friday – seeing all the messages really put a smile on my face!

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