Spring and Honeymoon Wishlist

I really should be doing some wedding sorting now – it’s now 22 days to go and there’s lots of last minute things to tie up, like the order of the day, table plans, what time caterers and florists will be arriving, and so on.  I think it’s going to be like this over the next three weeks; a flurry of phone calls, emails, appointments and ticking things off our humongous to-do list.

BUT of course my brain isn’t filled with such pressing things – it’s filled with far more important concerns, like, how many bikinis is it appropriate to take if you’re going away for a month, and how many sit ups do I have to do between now and when we go on honeymoon to be able to wear crop tops? We go on honeymoon four days after the wedding for a month in Bali, and it’s fair to say that I’m pretty excited about buying a holiday wardrobe!

On top of that – Spring is here (the audience emitted a roar of yays) and so I am obviously yearning to pack away the jumpers and embrace pastel shades and cute sandals.  Here’s what I’m currently lusting after now the blue skies and lighter evenings have arrived (let’s not talk about how cold it still is outside, k?)

Basically, lots of crochet, open backs, pastels and stripes will be mine.  Now we just need it to warm up a little, right? Never mind, at least I know it’ll be hot in Bali – roll on beach time!

>> This post was prompted by Two Big Ladies, who asked me to compile my Spring wishlist.

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