Just Eat Pizza Party

Pizza party

I kind of feel a little sorry for pizza sometimes.  It’s really the underdog of the food photography world.  How often do you see pizza on instagram or twitter? Or people hovering a digital SLR over a big slab of margherita in a restaurant? Frankly – and I say this with a whisper because I don’t want to hurt its feelings – pizza is not really very photogenic.  

So, when offered the opportunity to review a local takeaway outlet via JUST EAT, I really should have steered away from the humble pizza and gone for something a little more blog-worthy.  Some Thai cuisine perhaps? There’s a great Greek restaurant near me which offers much more camera friendly falafel, salads and stuffed vine leaves. But no.  Pizza will always have my heart, if not my Pinterest.

Lots of people had recommended Fanelli’s Pizza to us, which seems to have a few places in Southampton and near us in Dorset.  I always think it’s good to go on recommendations, as Just Eat has so many different options.  If you’re looking to find out where your greatest takeaways are, JUST EAT annually run the Tried and Tasted Awards, which involves people from all around the UK voting for their favourite takeaways via JUST EAT website.  This year, JUST EAT has introduced the new Consistency Award which recognises the Nation’s Top 20 from those establishments that have achieved Tried & Tasted for four years in a row.  (For further details about the Tried and Tasted Awards, read what JUST EAT have to say here.)

Just Eat Review
Just Eat Review
Just Eat Review

Mozzarella sticks truly are the food of the Gods.  They’d definitely feature in my desert island foods (if there ever were a scenario where you’d be marooned on a desert island and could pick which foods to take.  And the desert island had an oven.  Or maybe a really good local pizza place)  We also went for spicy chicken wings and cheesy chips – which basically led me to find a food even less blog and photography-worthy than pizza.  I went for a meat feast pizza, Tom went for Hawaiian.  I felt angry because fruit does not belong on pizza.  I mean – if you’re going to have a carb-fest, would you really let someone turn up with a pineapple? Not cool Tom, not cool.

What more can I say? Pizza is the best, and you should probably hit up JUST EAT and order one right now.  It will make you happy.  And you can’t say that about salad, no matter how pretty you make it look.

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