Hello March – a note

Oh winter, you have not been so kind. I mean, you have not been unkind per sé, but you have been long, and dark, and cold, and I am not at my best in those conditions.  I have been tired, and burned out, and stressed, and introspective, and ready for a new beginning.

Dear March, I needed you and now you are here I feel the winds of change are in the air.  Already you have brought with you light mornings, and brighter evenings, with the promise of pink tinged sunsets and the smell of earth, and growth, and newness.  And you will bring Spring, which means more than you know to this grumpy old bear that is so ready to come out of hibernation.

As tiny buds nudge their way out of flowers and branches, I must learn to let go of what is not necessary to carry around, to live with intention and keep true to my 2015 word – b a l a n c e.  I must find balance in all areas of my life, and be present, and ‘all there’.  This evening I saw a beautiful, breathtaking formation of starlings dancing and swirling; patterned against cotton candy clouds.  It was enough just to watch, and enjoy that moment – no phone, no instagram, no Twitter (apart from the gentle twittering of the birds, of course…).

March inspiration
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March is for streams of sunlight through the trees and morning walks, smelling freshly cut grass and listening to the wind in the leaves.  It is for birdsong, and bike rides into town (oh for a pastel bike with a basket, a girl can dream!) It is for creating relaxing spaces at home, and for stopping at flower stalls for freshly cut blooms.  It is for snowdrops and dandelion clocks, spending a few moments in the morning to appreciate the light nosing through the crack in the curtains, and for sunglasses and freshly washed, braided hair.

More than anything, I just know that March will be full of inspiration and creativity – of finally finding that balance and prioritising all of the things I need to feel nourished and content and me again.  It is for taking time for self-care, and self-love, and scribbling in my notebook, and yoga, and baking, and reading, and going to bed at 9pm because sometimes you just to climb between the sheets and just breathe.

Of course, no note to March would be complete without mentioning impending nuptials – March really is stepping the countdown up a gear, and heralds a month until we get married.  I’m so glad we chose a Spring wedding; what could be more perfect than a wedding when there’s so much promise of hope, and joy, and renewal in the air?

Happy March everyone,

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