New fitnesswear and get fit tips

Health and fitness are often at the forefront of everyone’s minds as we enter a new year, and even into February as the phrase ‘summer bodies are built in winter’ is emblazoned over fitness instagram accounts and adverts for gym memberships.  If you’re anything like me however, this winter body is more likely found craving the sofa and a take-away pizza than wanting to get out there and run or head out to the gym.

I battle a lot with motivation in the winter months – after the commute home I usually find myself wanting to do the ‘hair up, bra off, pajamas on’ routine rather than get into my gym gear.  But with a wedding and a honeymoon looming, that adage about summer bodies – or even April bodies (eep!) is definitely a reminder that I need to get my bum into gear.  Besides anything else, one thing I know is true is exercise makes me feel better.  When I was going to the gym three times a week before Christmas, I might have been tired and literally falling into bed at the end of the day – but I felt good.  And feeling confident in my Christmas party dress definitely made it all worth it!

New gym gear is always a massive motivator for me, and there are some great ranges of affordable activewear out there at the moment which means that you don’t have to break the bank to pick up a few staples that will get you excited to pack your gym bag!

George at Asda kindly sent me a few bits to give my 2015 gym wardrobe a boost (I wore these to the gym and for a run so excuse my make-up less face or the shots of my back!)

Asda Fitness Wear
Asda Fitness Wear
Asda Fitness Wear
vest: {sold out} similar in neon: £7
leggings: {sold out}
bralet: george at asda, £3*

Asda Fitness Wear
Asda Fitness Wear
Asda Fitness Wear

t-shirt: george at asda, £8*
leggings: {sold out}

Those second photos ended up being a run that got abandoned on the grounds of the wind being so strong I was getting blown over! (Sometimes you have to know when not to run as well as knowing when to force yourself out of the door!) Although – I didn’t take the t-shirt off, it’s so soft and snuggly, I couldn’t face it!

George at Asda also shared with me this fab video from fitness megababe Carly Rowena, with her top five at home fitness tips.  I’m a massive fan of Carly’s channel, and she’s so friendly and chatty on Twitter and has helped me loads with identifying some of the downfalls in my diet (looking at you sugar-y breakfasts!) as well as sharing some fab free workout plans.  Her video is great if you’re wanting to start getting fitter but don’t want to fork out for a gym membership.

They also asked me to share some of my own get fit tips for people wanting to meet their health and fitness goals for the new year, so here are mine:

001. Start small – I’ve had to remind myself of this after having a break from fitness over Christmas and for a couple of weeks of January.  It’s too much to try and go from weeks of Netflix marathons and hitting the snooze button to daily early morning runs and evening gym classes.  Pick one goal – be it one or two yoga classes a week,  training for a 5k or trying a new exercise DVD, and work towards that.  Setting small goals means you’re more likely to get a boost from that sense of achievement rather than trying to fit everything in at once and giving up.

002. Be accountable – One of the best things about having a weekly Personal Trainer session is that I know I’m at least going to go to the gym once a week! I also put in my diary my two other gym sessions so that they’re scheduled in the same way any other social engagement or appointment would be.  Whether it’s telling a friend or partner of your plans, arranging to meet someone at the gym or setting reminders on your phone, find some way to pin yourself down to that workout.

003. Have a goal – Back in November, my Personal Trainer asked me what my short term goal was and I said I wanted to look good in my Christmas party dress.  He drew a picture of my dress on my nutrition plan and even took to shouting ‘party dress’ at me in our training sessions when I wanted to give up! Just picturing how good I’d look in that dress definitely got me through those workouts when I wanted to give up.  You could change your phone background to someone who gives you ‘body inspiration’ or pin a photo of you when you felt at your most confident to your fridge.  Someone also once told me that they make their running playlist a list of songs they listen to on holiday so they can imagine being in a bikini on the beach – love that idea!

004. It takes time – This is the one thing I always remind myself.  After a few weeks of working hard with my diet and fitness I always find myself frowning at the mirror and wondering where those washboard abs are.  Don’t give up! It takes a long time to get results, but knowing you are making a huge difference to your health and fitness levels should be reward enough.

005. Sleep and water – A friend recently asked me what the one thing they could do to improve their health and wellness was and I said two – enough sleep, and enough water.  I always aim for around two litres of water a day (and I probably drink that in green tea alone!) and I know that I need eight hours sleep a night to feel good the next day, so these are two things I prioritise above everything else.

What are your favourite health and fitness tips? How are you getting on with any New Years Resolutions relating to getting fitter?

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