A peaceful bedroom

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that things are a little bit stressful in the life of a Rosie right now. There are only seven weekends left until we get married, and there’s still so much left to do, and so much still to work out and decide on.  Alongside that, my full-time job is incredibly busy at the moment, and after a long day at work and the long drive home, there’s not much time to do much else but make dinner and fall into bed (except for on gym days).  Talking of the gym, in order to meet my goals and feel confident in a wedding dress my Personal Trainer has come up with a plan which involves going to the gym 3-4 times a week until the end of March.  Then there’s blogging, which I desperately don’t want to miss out on as I do love sitting down and sharing things here. {And normal life too, of course…}

One of the first things that starts to suffer when I’m feeling like this is my sleep.  With so much on my mind I find myself waking up in the middle of the night remembering things I haven’t done, or worrying about things.  Because my brain is so busy at the moment, I try and keep our bedroom as clean and clear as possible to give myself the best chance I can of feeling relaxed and peaceful when I go to sleep.


My beautiful new bedding from Secret Linen Store is definitely helping me in my aim to sleep better. It’s 100% cotton (a mix of Egyptian cotton and other long staple cotton) and it’s just so soft and comfy.  They design everything themselves and their bedding is made in beautiful Portugal (I’m a bit obsessed with this video where you can see how their bed linen is made!) Also, I can’t resist anything that comes packaged as beautifully as their bed linen does…

Secret Linen Store
// Double bed set £60* and pillows, £8.50, Secret Linen Store

Bodhi on the bed

Bet you were expecting it to be more expensive for 50% Egyptian Cotton bedding right? They are a really lovely little independent company too (run by sisters Molly and Harriet), I’m so glad I found them, don’t think I can ever go back to cheap Ikea bed sets now!

We recently got a new bed too, previously we had a wooden one that wouldn’t quite go flush to the wall, and had sharp corners at the bottom that my shins always seemed to find in the dark! We absolutely love it, it feels very ‘grown up’ and looks perfect in the room.  Tom likes it because he can poke his feet through the end at night (he is 6 foot 3 so needs that extra space!)

Secret Linen Store review

// Silent Night Primrose Bed Frame, Mattress Next Day, £164.99*


We are chuffed to bits with the bed – all it needs now is some fairy lights wound through the frame I feel – what do you think? I ummed and ahhed about replacing our bed for some time but now I wish we’d done it sooner as you spend so much time in bed that getting a great mattress and bed frame is so important.

Bodhi on the bed

And Bodhi definitely likes it, which is a bonus!

I’m currently working on a little project with Pukka Herbs to try their wonderful Night Time collection and see if it helps me get a better night’s sleep.  You can find out more about their Sleep With Pukka campaign and have the chance to win some prizes (their Dosha quiz is also really interesting). I’ll be recording how I get on in my little sleep journal and of course sharing it here – wish me luck on my sleep journey!

Pukka Herbs Sleep Hamper
Pukka Night Time

What are your tips for getting a good night’s sleep? Is your bedroom a peaceful place?

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