Where have you been?

I’ve not been blogging as much over the last couple of weeks – I’m not entirely sure why, it’s actually the opposite of usual as I’ve been home alone for most of it with no plans.  But I’ve chosen to spend that time reading, and chilling, and just generally having some me-time instead, and I haven’t really had a great appetite for blogging.  It’s good once in a while to have a little break, and I don’t believe in forcing it when the inspiration isn’t there.

I thought I’d share a few snaps of things I have been up to however – I haven’t been out and about with my camera really so I’m afraid these are all photos from my phone.  

001. Making Nigella’s Eggs in Purgatory for Sunday brunch, with warm bread for dipping.  Too good!

002. Going on lots of rainy and cold dog walks.

003. Partaking in Yoga With Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga (although I have quite a few to catch up on!) Time on my mat with the lights low and incense burning is ultimate relaxation time for me.

004. I’ve been getting the train in the mornings rather than driving to work at the moment so this is where I usually am at 07.30 – shivering in the near darkness on the train platform! Being able to read my book and listen to music on the train rather than being stuck in traffic is a bonus though.

005. Been on a few lovely morning runs at the weekend lately.  My pre-work morning runs last week were a major fail though, the one where the head torch cracked me in the nose and then failed, meaning I was running in pitch black and a torrential rainstorm was ‘character building’ to say the least.

006. Sometimes I post my work outfits on Twitter.  I do love these Boden red trousers, I always feel a little nautical when I match stripes, navy and red.

007. Yesterday was three months until we get married, so we’ve made a big list of all of the things left to do.  Rings, invitations, flowers, shoes, outfits for Tom and ushers, cake, hair, make-up – should we be more sorted by now? Oops!

008. We have been planning our honeymoon though (we’ve got our priorities right, right?) We’re going to Bali for a month – if you have any Bali tips for us or have blogged about a trip there please let me know in the comments!

009. Been doing lots of reading already this year – finished Etta and Otto and Russell and James, and Cape Fear, and now reading Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed which is quite emotional but wonderful so far.

010. New hair! I went to the hairdresser’s yesterday to get highlights but they said that if I really wanted all over colour (which I did) then a scalp bleach would get the effect I wanted – they weren’t too worried about the damage as I’d grown out most of the old bleach and said it was in really good condition.  So behold my new white hair! I really don’t like it my natural colour so it’s nice to be light again!


Hope you’re all having lovely weekends wherever you are.  I’m away at a work event for most of next week so my Sunday is going to be mostly full of packing and ironing!

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