A poem and a picture {02}

I still feel very nervous of sharing my poetry here; it feels much more honest and raw than to just post photos of something I wore, or to chat about things I might want to buy, or read, or bake (not that I mean to assign any less value to doing those things).  But those types of post don’t necessarily reveal things about me, or express emotion or deep thoughts – it can be a comfort blanket to blog without showing too much of yourself sometimes. It’s natural, I suppose, to feel vulnerable to share something you’ve made, be it a poem, a short story, a drawing or a song – it’s something you’re sending out into the universe with purpose, rather than just a casual punting out of a product review or update on places you’ve been, or things you’ve seen.

I started this blog to share creativity and to have a platform for my writing and photography, and though it’s meandered into a lot of different directions, I feel that I want to, when I can, take it back to its roots.  So if I’m scribbling poetry in notebooks on train journeys to work, it feels right to share those words here and to challenge myself by letting go a little bit and not taking the process so seriously.  I can be quite a self-conscious person and I want to feel slightly free-er and less ’embarrassed’ to share, and talk about, poetry, and other things like self-care and meditation and creativity and spirituality.  Somehow those things sometimes feel juvenile, or as if they’d elicit a snort or raised eyebrow from people who know me in real life (it feels though, that the ‘blogosphere’ is more accepting and supportive).  But that’s me – these things are part of my life, and it would be inauthentic to pretend that they’re not.  Eventually I’d love to publish some of my poetry and I’ve been looking into self-publishing and book formatting for whenever I feel brave enough to release a whole collection of it out into the world!

With that in mind, here’s my latest train scribble (in type form of course), accompanied by a photo I took on a forest walk a couple of weeks ago that felt like it fitted.


New Forest

If you’re not a fan of poetry or this kind of post then I do not mind at all – feel free to check back in for something different over the weekend.  But also, big love to those who have read this and are supportive of me changing things up a little once in a while.


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