An Autumnal forest walk

The weekend before last, Sarah and her husband Gray came to stay, and we wanted to show them a perfect Autumnal weekend chez Rosie and Tom.  As you’ll probably know by now, we have a deep love of the forest (and are lucky enough to live on the outskirts of one), so we had to drag them into the woods for a bit of stomping around on crunchy leaves and watching Bodhi run around and get muddy!

We went for a walk near Brock Hill in the New Forest – there’s a Tall Trees Trail and an arboretum (there are Giant Redwoods and Douglas Firs – such amazingly huge trees!)

Forest walk

I find it so peaceful walking around the forest – we hardly saw another soul.

Forest walk
Forest walk

Bodhi was recently giften a rather special Barbour dog coat (£43*) which he donned for the walk.  I think he quite likes it, especially when it’s raining as he doesn’t much like the rain (fusspot!)  He looks rather dapper in it (it got muddier and muddier as the walk progressed, much to my chagrin as I tried to take photos of him in it!)

Doggy Barbour jacketDog Barbour jacketBarbour jacket for dogs

// barbour dog coat, house of fraser, £43*

It was an absolutely perfect walk, and we well deserved the roast dinner we went on to devour at the Filly Inn in Brockenhurst afterwards – so good!  A quintessential Sunday – a forest walk to blow the cobwebs away, and overdosing on roast potatoes.  Yum.

Forest walk

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