Pandora Wishes

I’ve already made a sizeable dent in my Christmas shopping, with my ‘to wrap’ pile in my office growing by the second.  I’ve stocked up on brown paper and baker’s twine, and already tried out a couple of DIYs on Pinterest to experiment with some homemade present ideas.  So whilst I polish my halo and write some big ticks on my Christmas shopping to do list, my thoughts inevitably turn to what might be on my own wishlist this Christmas.  Tom has declared an amnesty on clutter in our house, so I’m trying to avoid filling up my Christmas list with lots of little things we’ll have to find homes for, and instead we’ll be buying each other a few more signifcant gifts that are thoughtful and will be treasured for years to come.

Tom is usually really good at present buying, but I do tend to try and give him a bit of a helping hand by dropping a few hints or making a little online wishlist.  So when I heard about the Pandora Wishes campaign I just thought it was such a fab idea.  Pandora have been working with celebrity couples Jamie and Louise Redknapp and Marvin and Rochelle Humes, as well as Rick Edwards and Jameela Jamil to share their own wish lists and talk about their ultimate Christmas wishes.  The Pandora wishlist function on their website is great as you can set up your own list which you can share with friends and family – it then tells them their nearest store and even reminds them when your birthday is! (You basically couldn’t make it any easier for them…)

If you’re the nosy type, you can also go and see what the three couples picked as their wishlists on the Pandora Wishes page – there’s some quite sweet videos on there too which had me drooling over all of their beautiful jewellery (and wishing I could pull off stacked rings like Jameela Jamil!)  I also spotted this image on the Pandora Twitter – I’m in love!

I thought I’d make my own little Pandora wishlist in the spirit of the campaign – how gorgeous is that laurel wreath ring?

Pandora wishlist

infinity symbol bracelet £45 // moments two-tone bangle £275 // bow ring £40 //
sparkling galaxy openwork charm £45 // 
shimmering leaves necklace £95 // laurel wreath ring £55 //
silver ball chain bracelet £49 //

As part of the campaign, Pandora are also holding a Pandora Wishes competition – all you have to do is share your wishlist and you could win a £500 voucher and one of the wishes chosen by the couples (a holiday, spa weekend or festival tickets!) What’s not to like?

Are you a Pandora fan? Are you hoping that some of their jewellery might be hiding under your tree this Christmas?

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