Finding comfort

The wonderful Nicola over at Our Little Balham Life uses a phrase which I love – ‘sacred self care’. She would describe it better than me, but my understanding of sacred self-care is showing love, kindness, gentleness and compassion to yourself; as well as making the right choices for your health and wellbeing.  I saw a graphic recently that really resonated with me, which said that we should treat ourselves more often as we would small children – ensure we have early nights, wrap up warm, eat nourishing food, and so on.  So often we lose that connection with self-care and even prioritise others’ care above our own.  I have been trying to ‘listen to my body’ more recently, and understand and be mindful of my own needs.  I know that above everything I look forward to evenings where I plan ‘self care’ and make time for yoga, meditation, reading, an early night, a long bath – and so on.  Whether you believe in the benefits of meditation or not, I do know that there is a part of me that gets excited at the prospect of clearing my mind and spending time just ‘being’ at the end of a long day.

Finding comfort is even more of a priority for me during Autumn and Winter.  For me, the chillier and darker months are an opportunity to change down gears and take my foot off the gas a little (and other driving related metaphors).  It is the perfect excuse to seek out cosiness and practise ‘self-care’. I try and have at least one evening a week dedicated to this.  Lately the first thing I do when winding down and seeking comfort at home is to light my Neom Comforting Candle (£30*).  There’s something about candles that makes me feel really relaxed and peaceful.  Watching a candle flickering away on a dark, cold evening when it’s lashing with rain outside is such a wonderful feeling.  The Comforting candle, with cedarwood, vetiver and star anise, has 21 pure essential oils that have been chosen and blended for their stress relieving properties.  It definitely makes me feel more calm just to light it and soak up those amazing scents.  I’ve now added several items from their Christmas collection to my Christmas list – I am such a huge advocate of their products, they really are pretty special and would make wonderful gifts (even if it was just a gift to yourself!)

neom comforting candle
neom comforting candle
neom comforting candle

// neom comforting candle, £30*

What do you do to practice self care and self love?  Some of my other favourites are:

001. Make a really nourishing and warming meal.  I’m a massive fan of Secret Greens Tabbouleh for clearing out the store cupboard and eating lots of healthy greens!
002. Run a bath and have a long soak in the tub – preferably with candles burning and a bubble bar or bath bomb.
003. Have a ‘sleepy tea’ – I love Clipper’s ‘Snore and Peace‘ – and take yourself to bed an hour early.
004. Try Yoga with Adriene’s Bedtime Yoga sequence.
005. Snuggle up under a blanket with a good book for an hour.  Turn your phone off and allow yourself to be completely immersed in the book.
006. Give yourself a foot massage – it might sound a little odd but it really makes me feel better! (There’s a little guide here if you’re not sure where to start).
007. Listen to soothing music. I love the Spotify playlist ‘Workday Zen‘ – it always makes me feel chilled.
008. Try a guided meditation.  I’ve been using the Omnava app lately to find new ones – there’s lots of free meditations on there and you can mix in relaxing sounds.

Tell me yours too – I love hearing how other people find comfort at home, it makes me feel relaxed just thinking about lolling around under cosy blankets and having Christmas candles burning away whilst the wind rages on outside…

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