A picture, a poem, a song – 1

I am trying to make more room for creativity in my life.  In a weird way I think that the main barrier to my creativity is self-consciousness.  I worry that people on the train will think I’m weird for scribbling in my notebook – and I’ve worried a lot that posting poetry or short stories on here will mean legions of people automatically unfollowing my blog.  Up until I was around 17 or 18 I used to write an enormous amount of poetry and short stories, and then undertaking a writing degree somehow meant that it trailed off – something about being forced to, and graded on, doing something does tend to kill of that spark, doesn’t it?

So this week I sat down and wrote a poem on the train, in my new notebook.  It’s not perfect, but I am reminding myself that it’s about the process, and that it’s new to me again, and not to ‘let the perfect be the enemy of the good’.  And I’m going to be brave and share it here because what is a blog but a little space for the stuff inside your brain?

the dog it walks

I walked Bodhi every morning last week as Tom was away training – something about being up at 6am and outside into the darkness definitely stirred a feeling in me that lent itself to a little train journey notebook scribbling!

I thought I’d also share a photograph that has made me smile and a song that I think accompanies the photo and the poem too.  I hope you enjoy them.

img credit: moonandtrees.tumblr.com

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