Taking Stock – Goodbye August, Hello September

Format from Meet Me at Mike’s, found on Fill My Little World

This is being written on 31st August but I’m going to schedule it in for whilst we’re away on holibobs so bear with me if it’s a little out of date by then! (Will probably still be raining though, so I’m sure that bit is in context….)


Making ::  plans for our wedding – finally getting excited about the little details, like decorations and invitations.

Cooking :: not much – we have tons of food left over from recent barbecues so we’ve mainly been eating burgers/sausages/beef brisket/pulled pork and salad lately!
Drinking ::  lots of water – trying to give myself a bit of a detox by flushing out a couple of weekends of excess with a good amount of h2o.
Reading :: just finished Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan, which was very average. (See my Goodreads for what I’ve been ticking off my to-read list – I’ll also be posting about the books I’ve loaded on my Kindle app for my holiday).

Wanting ::  to be a bit happier with my body and figure and stop obsessing about getting a flat tum.
Looking ::  outside at incessant torrential rain and wondering where summer’s gone.

Playing ::  with Bodhi and his Mr Snakes toy. sssssssssssss.
Deciding ::  to try and manage my diary better in future, doing something every weekend for months on end is exhausting.
Wishing ::  for lots of sunshine and warm weather during our USA trip.
Enjoying ::  a few days of chill time before we go away – it’s been too long since I sat on the sofa and watched TV or went to bed early to read! Watched a few too many episodes of Catfish and Say Yes to the Dress.
Waiting ::  to get back from the USA to get properly stuck into loving blogging again and writing all of the types of posts I love to write.
Liking ::  sushi – never tried it before last week but now I’m a bit addicted!
Wondering :: what my new job will be like, but looking forward to a new challenge (I start a new job in our HR department when we get back from holiday)
Loving :: all of the women’s leadership books I’ve read lately, so inspiring.  Highly recommend Sheryl Sandberg – Lean In and Arianna Huffington – Thrive.  About to start Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay.
Pondering :: which books to load my kindle up with for my holiday (left it a bit last minute!) – although since I won’t be able to read in the van (I get travel sick!) I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to read them all.
Considering :: ideas for new tattoos
Watching :: Scandal – now trucking through Season Two and still totally obsessed!
Hoping :: I have packed the right clothes for our trip – difficult to pack for highs of 35 degrees in Vegas and lows of 6 degrees in the Grand Canyon.

Marvelling :: at how beautiful my run along the beach was this morning – where we live is stunning on a sunny morning.
Needing :: a break and some chill time.  Too much busy lately. 
Smelling :: Bodhi – I know non-dog lovers often hate the smell of dogs but Bodhi always smells so good, his feet smell like digestive biscuits!
Wearing :: ankle boots and jumpers for the first time in a few weeks.  I’ve missed comfy cold weather clothes! (shhhh) 
Following :: I’ve found loads of fab new blogs lately – I’m going to set up some scheduled tweets whilst I’m away of all my current #bloglove favourites, in case you miss my blog (yeah right) you might find some new ones to read!
Noticing :: it getting much cooler and darker earlier – not looking forward to morning runs in the pitch black come October/November!
Knowing :: how lucky we are at the moment.  So much to look forward to.
Thinking :: about food, all the time. Mostly sandwiches, I am a sandwich addict at the moment even though my tummy hates bread.
Feeling :: thankful.
Admiring :: loads of blogs lately – finding so much blogging inspiration at the moment, my bloglovin feed is full of awesomeness! 
Sorting :: our honeymoon – flights booked and hotel for the first week almost booked – we are going to Bali for a month, eep!
Buying :: last minute holiday bits like new sandals, travel minis and sunnies (and also thinking about A/W clothes at the same time!)
Getting :: tired so easily lately – not expecting much sleep whilst we’re away though as we’re mostly camping! I could do with a week off just to sleep.
Bookmarking :: wedding blogs and wedding ideas
Disliking :: having no energy at the moment – I’ve set my alarm for 6.15 most mornings this week and haven’t managed to run yet, finding exercise really hard work for some reason.
Opening :: the save the dates we ordered – we have postcards and magnets to send out to our wedding guests, I’m so excited! Tom has stopped me going overboard with twine and ink stamps.
Giggling :: at X Factor – part of me hates that I love it so much but I can’t help getting excited that it’s on again! 
Snacking :: on bits from my healthy snack jar – full of treats like Frank bars, Meridian Peanut Butter bars and Bounce balls.
Coveting :: Pink hair and mermaid hair so I tried a temporary colour from Bleach London for my holiday, it washed out after one wash though – sad face!
Helping :: my Mum think of ideas for her new blog! Exciting!
Hearing :: Current favourite song: Daughter – Medicine …

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