A fitness update, and a giveaway from F&F/Elle Sport

It actually felt a little weird to click the ‘New post’ button on Blogger this morning.  It feels like I’ve gone back to a time many years ago when blogging was something I did at the weekends amongst several other things, and the weekdays were for chilling after work, seeing friends and early nights. The truth is that jetlag, trying to sort unpacking and washing and all the other post-holiday boringness, a new job and a new commute, have meant that finding time for blogging over the last week has just been impossible.  The other truth is that I just haven’t found myself racing to the computer, and I wanted to give myself some time to relax, catch up on sleep and get used to my new routine.

I used to work about a five minute drive from where I live, meaning that I went for runs before work (I absolutely love running first thing in the morning when no-one else is around and the world is still waking up).  Now I’ve moved to our Headquarters about 25 miles away, meaning my commute is about 45 minutes to an hour each way, depending on whether I drive or get the train.  To run in the mornings would mean getting up pre-6am and I can’t imagine that for the moment, especially as it would be really dark then! So I definitely have to think of new ways to mix up my routine and fit fitness in around my new job.

The good news is the gym near where I live has finally opened, and I’m all signed up and have been booking onto classes.  I went to my first class on Saturday, which was a Boxing class.  I have tried Boxercise before and always enjoyed the technique side of the class more than the fitness element and I really enjoyed this one as it was all about learning the moves and mastering the sequences.  I’m going to book a Personal Trainer session this week to learn more about how to use the Weights Room and incorporating weights into my routine, and I’ve also got some yoga classes booked in too in their lovely rooftop yoga studio.  I’ll still be keeping up my running too, but it will have to be at the weekends and in the evenings instead (I find it difficult to run without getting a stitch if I’ve eaten anything even hours earlier so I’m going to have to find a way to overcome that!)

New exercise gear is aways a massive motivation booster for me, and I was kindly sent some shorts and a vest from the new Elle Sport range at F&F/Clothing at Tesco.  They told me they were sending me a ‘surprise hamper’ of pieces from the new range so I was excited to see what turned up, and I received this vest and a pair of shorts. (Vest is in the below photo, shorts in the one below that).

Boxing outfit 2
// outfit for boxing – headband from ebay, vest from elle sport/f&f (link below),
nike free runs and nike pro leggings

I wore the vest to boxing on Saturday, it’s very tight fitting so I think I need to crank up the exercise routine and try and lose those USA-holiday-induced-pounds before I can really wear it.  As it’s got a little chillier now, I probably won’t be able to wear the shorts until next Summer (I only really run in shorts when it’s really warm) so I’ll be tucking them away in the exercise drawer for next year.

Elle F&F kit

// elle sport/F&F vest: £26* // elle sport/F&F layer shorts: £30* // nike free runs: bought in America – £60

I wear Skechers Go Runs for running, but I usually wear Nike Frees for the gym as they’re nice and lightweight.  I bought a new black and white pair whilst in America but I must admit I’ve been wearing them with jeans rather than to the gym this week! I think they’re plain enough to team with jeans on slouchy days.

Elle Sport/F&F have kindly given me ten running armbands to give away to celebrate their new collaboration.  To enter, as always, just follow the Rafflecopter instructions.  Running armbands are great for strapping on your phone/iPod whilst running, meaning you don’t have to carry a bumbag or wear a jacket or trousers with pockets.  I actually really need one of these so I think I’ll be buying one myself as I’m getting a bit fed up with running with a bumbag as it always rides up or bounces all over the place!

Elle F&F phone carrier

Here’s the Rafflecopter – the competition will run for 10 days and is open to UK entrants only (sorry international readers!)  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS – I have another exciting giveaway on the cards for next week, keep your eye out for it as if you love health, fitness and exercise gear you’re going to want to enter this one too!

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