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The curtain swishes gently, its hem curling and dancing in the early evening breeze.  Dappled sunlight swathes the street outside, dulling at the edges, making way for dusk.  A quiet street, the cars slide by infrequently, adding a low frequency to the sounds of the neighbourhood.  The smell of barbecues – chargrilled meat and charcoal smoke – floats lightly through the gardens.  Somewhere in the distance a lawnmower is chugging along, pushed by a neighbour trying to make the most of the last of the evening light.  The artificial chime of a home phone echoes out into the street, seven rings until it clicks off, unanswered.  The streetlights are poised to flicker on, and a cat slinks and wends its way up the road, eager for its dinner.

I live in quintessential English suburbia – a quiet residential road with a 20 mph speed limit and a mix of either elderly residents or families with 2.4 children.  After nine years’ of living in Southampton city centre, kept awake at night by a mix of sirens and students, it is bliss.

One of the things that immediately attracted me to our house when we first viewed it was the amount of trees around us.  I know that might seem like an odd detail to draw you to a house, but I loved the fact that there were trees both behind the back of the house, and behind the houses across the road – it means that whichever window you look out of you can see tall trees on the skyline.  When I do yoga in the evenings, all I can see from my mat is the line of oak trees on the horizon.  It makes me feel even more peaceful watching them dance and sway in the distance.

I have always wanted a room with a view.  Something like these would be ideal…

credit unknown – contact for removal

herbert list – looking out to sea

But I will settle for tree lined suburbia instead…



One of my favourite times to peer out at the tree lined sky is dusk during the summer.  I adore that inky blue tone, I just think it’s so magical and mysterious.


The view from my bedroom window is currently framed by some rather special curtains from the Natural Curtain Company.  You might have seen from previous posts that our bedroom has white floorboards, white walls and then a mix of cream and duck egg blues, so these go perfectly.  They make ready made curtains and we ordered the size to fit my favourite window perfectly, and best of all – they’re blackout lined so no more waking up at 5am when the sun comes up! This curtain is their Biscay pattern, which starts at £49, which I think is very reasonable.

I am now even more in love with my view now it’s framed by these beautiful curtains – I think I’m going to get a set for the spare room too.


I have been collecting views from windows on my Pinterest board too if you care to have a little nose.  One day I will give my Biscay curtains a sea view befitting of their name!  There are some amazing window views in there.  I love the little nooks in the woods where you can see literally nothing but trees from your window.  I’ve always had a love for the sea but I must admit that a little cabin in the forest is also very appealing!

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What would be your dream view?

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