Invite the tabby two doors down

I’m not sure this outfit is going to set anyone’s world on fire, but I’m all about the ‘outfits I actually wore’ around here, and this was worn on a previous weekend for a day of pottering and mooching (a catchall that sums up most of my weekend activities).  I am a bit in love with this slouchy tee from ASOS, it’s super slubby and comfy so perfect for lazy weekends.  Lazy weekends for me are about to be a thing of the past however as, looking in the Filofax, we don’t have a free one until October! A flurry of camping trips, birthdays (including mine), weddings, weekends away and our America trip mean we are now completely booked up! Going to have to start keeping weekday evenings free for PJ and bubble bath time so I don’t go insane (you know me, I like my ‘me time!’)


Slouchy tee
Slouchy tee
Slouchy tee

t-shirt: £12 // jeans:  £36
trainers: nike {old} // hat: topshop {old}

I hope you’ve all had lovely weekends.  We’ve spent most of ours at my parents’ house having a barbecue in their garden and then a breakfast barbecue on the beach this morning (why have I never thought about cooking bacon on a barbecue before?) I made a couple of little videos on my handheld videocamera so I’m hoping to convince Tom to help me edit it – since I decided last week that I wanted to make YouTube videos again (I made three last year and then abandoned it) he now has a queue of three to do as he is really good at editing videos and can do it loads quicker than I can! Unfortunately he keeps getting distracted by surfing and TV so you may have to wait a little longer for the videos….

It was lovely being at my parents’ house, as always.  We spent lots of time in the garden…

And their lovely summerhouse…

Those photos were both from my instagram – Katy showed me how to use VSCOCam last weekend and now I’m addicted and trying to make my instagram feed a bit better!

I’ve been suffering with a bit of lower back pain this weekend so I had to abandon my run yesterday morning and come home, and since then I’ve been having to keep dosed up on painkillers and hobble around like an old lady.  So my Sunday night is likely to involve a hot bath and some Deep Heat! Hope you’re all having more exciting Sunday nights than me!

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