A mystery blogging event: indoor climbing at Rock Reef, Bournemouth

The week before last, five bloggers waited nervously outside Aruba in Bournemouth, after receiving an email from Hannah about a ‘mystery blogging event’.  All we knew was to wear comfy clothes – we were even told not to worry about cameras as we may not want to be photographed undertaking this activity!  I was in deep suspense, and all I managed to get out of Hannah in the car on the way there was a slightly concerning “You will be fine, as long as you’re not scared of heights…”

As we walked up to Bournemouth Pier in the beautiful sunshine I was eyeing all around us trying to spot what it could be, and only sighting a Spongebob Squarepants bouncy castle (which disappointingly, it wasn’t!) After assembling at Aruba Hannah revealed all by walking us down the end of the pier and arriving at Rock Reef – an activity centre with clip n climb, highline and even an indoor cave experience.  Despite Hannah’s cautionary warning I had planned to take my camera anyway but couldn’t find it when I was getting ready and only had time to grab my little handheld video camera, so instead of lots of photos I’ve made a vlog of the event.

Here are a couple more photos pinched from Hannah (just to prove I actually went and did manage to get some way up a climbing wall!)

img credit: hannah bee
Louise, Cheryl, Hannah, me, Sarah
img credit: hannah bee

Rather embarrasingly I managed to get stuck in the above position for about five minutes as I was scared to jump off!

All in all it was such a fun evening and I’m hugely grateful to Hannah for organising it.  It was something I’d never think of doing but it was absolutely brilliant and I’ll definitely be going back – especially when they open the Pierzip (a zip wire above the sea!)

Have you ever been indoor climbing? Would you go to a mystery blogging event?

PS – I’m still experimenting with making YouTube videos so you might have to cut me a bit of slack whilst I’m still learning – ha! Sorry it’s a bit shaky.  It’s something I’m really keen to do so hopefully you will enjoy my foray into YouTube and video making!

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