Giving YouTube a go – and Grabble #grabamakeover event

Just a quick post today because I know you all would much rather be frolicking in the sunshine and eating a Solero than stuck inside blog reading (and I don’t blame you).  But if you do have a spare 8 minutes and 34 seconds – maybe the sun has nipped behind a cloud or you’ve popped inside to slather on the sunscreen – I have made another YouTube video and I thought I’d post it on here to see if you guys like it.  It’s about 50% actual videos of an event I went to and then 50% me trying to film an introduction to the video and basically being a complete goon and whinging about my house not being ‘YouTubable’ enough.  I bet that’s piqued your interest right?

Starting YouTube is a little like starting a blog all over again – hoping people will want to watch it, and hoping they’ll enjoy it and not be completely turned off!  Even if no-one watches them though, I think I’m going to keep doing them – making videos has really got my creative juices flowing again and I’ve enjoyed learning how to use Movie Maker and thinking about how I can make them better.  I have another one in edit mode at the moment of a few bits we’ve been up to recently and I’m really looking forward to sharing that one too. If you have any ideas for videos or tips or suggestions, please do let me know.

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