Currently I am

WATCHING Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black – we watched one after another on Netflix until all of a sudden it stopped and we realised we’d watched the whole series – oops.. Roll on Season 3!
READING Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – The Secret History is my favourite book of all time so it’s got a lot to live up to but I’m really enjoying it so far.
LISTENING to the new Ed Sheeran album and enjoying it a lot more than I expected! Lots of good summer-y tunes.
COOKING homemade Quest bars using Nic’s Nutrition recipe – loving trying different combos! (Peanut Butter, jam and Jammie Biscuit Protein Powder is the winner so far…)
DRINKING tons of green tea as usual, I’m such a green tea monster, I can’t function properly until I’ve had my first one of the day.
EATING lots of healthy snacks – I know I’m a mega snacker so I’m trying to keep it relatively healthy with Bounce Balls, 9Bar Flax bars and Quest bars with peanut butter – yum.
WANTING the sunshine to stay all summer (no thankyou to rain showers and clouds!)
LOOKING around at all the mess and boxes in my house and wanting a major declutter.
THANKING Katy and her lovely other half Matt for coming down to see us last weekend – such a lovely weekend!
TRYING to make some more videos – I’ve had my little handheld camcorder thingemy out and I hopefully have two videos lined up – Tom has kindly offered to edit them for me, exciting!
STARTING to get seriously excited about our Trek America trip in September – it’s all paid off now so I’m in major countdown mode!
OBSESSED with doing something active every day – some days yoga, some days running, some days a DVD, but every day some form of movement before work (except for this morning – my arms hurt too much from indoor climbing last night!)
WAITING for the new gym to open near me this month so I can take out membership and get in the weights room – running and Jillian Michaels DVD-ing is not blasting away the belly effectively enough!
WONDERING if I should go and see Fault in our Stars at the cinema or will it be too much of a sobfest?
APPRECIATING being by the beach.  We are so lucky to live where we do and be able to spend lunchbreaks on the beach and and go for evening seaside strolls whenever we want.
WEARING chunky necklaces from New Look – they have some amazing ones in at the moment.
BLOG LOVING Oh! Leona, indie berries, and fill my little world.
EXCITED about this weekend – having a big burger barbecue (burgerQ!) at my parents’ house to celebrate my brother’s birthday.  Can’t wait!
LAUGHING at Bodhi, always – his new favourite thing is a Space Hopper toy that he runs around the house squeaking!
BUYING a new foam roller – has anyone else used one? I’m hoping it well help my sore legs after long runs and get rid of the back pain I’ve been getting lately.  It hurts to use it which apparently means I’m doing it right!
THINKING about going through my photo library and tagging/labelling all my photos. Scarily big task.
PLANNING more wedding dress trying on – I’m making it my mission to try on lots of different styles and shapes to make sure I find ‘the one’ – I have a couple of appointments with my bridesmaids over the next few weeks which is exciting!

PS – Hope you like the photo, I’m trying to use more of my own photography on here after reading a few articles about bloggers getting in trouble for using other people’s images.  This was Christchurch Harbour on Saturday evening, spotting a rainbow was a bit of a treat (taken on my phone).

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