Wedding Decisions

Wedding talk has started to seriously step up over the last few days.  I don’t know whether it was trying on dresses (such a surreal experience) or chatting to our wedding coordinator, but over the last week or so I’ve started to get this feeling of ‘this is actually happening’ and rather than just pinning and chatting about ideas, the focus has changed to ‘how can we make that happen’.  Although we haven’t really booked anything further, we’ve made a few decisions as to things we’d definitely like to be a part of our big day.  Here are a few things on our must-have list… (Okay, the first is more my choice than Tom’s!)

001. Peonies

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002. Messy, yummy food, the sort of thing we eat every day!

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003. We’ve picked our colour scheme…

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004. Stripy straws… of course!

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005. Bodhi – I need to check with the wedding venue but I hope he can come!

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It’s been really fun chatting through ideas with friends and family – it’s definitely made it feel more real, and so many people have great suggestions, or are happy to share the best things they’ve seen at weddings they’ve been to.  My parents came round last weekend and asked us lots of questions on things we hadn’t even thought of (we definitely haven’t quite nailed where everyone will be at what time) which was actually really helpful as it got us thinking about more things we needed to plan.  My Mum is determined not to be ‘pushy Mother of the Bride’ and has come up with some brilliant ideas so far and not turned up her nose at any of mine which is nice!  I read some stats about Mother of the Brides and wedding planning recently – 40% of MOTBs asked said they felt they ought to be involved in choosing the dress so luckily my Mum came along when we went to London dress shopping! She is of course thinking about what dress she might get for the occasion – luckily a lot of places like Marisota have Mother of the Bride sections on their websites, as do a few of the bridal shops I’ve looked at.  I know it’s weighing on her mind though, the MOTB is such a big part of the day that she naturally wants to look nice!

The one thing leaving us slightly stumped at the moment is what to do to fill any gaps we might have – have you been to any weddings where there’s been fun activities? I have a few ideas but so many things are weather dependent and we are getting married in April – eek!

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