Three days in Shropshire

Another blog post, another opportunity to crack out that old cliché of ‘where has the time gone’, ‘this feels like ages ago now’ etc etc.  This was our May bank holiday weekend (and now it’s almost July, how did that happen?) – three days in slightly rainy Shropshire spent in a cottage to celebrate Tom’s Mum’s 60th birthday. We travelled up on the Saturday in the van, Bodhi gently snoozing on the floor and trying to avoid the bank holiday traffic!

The cottage we were staying in was lovely – a big open fire, a beautiful garden, and the piece de resistance, a big hot tub on the patio.  There were stunning views from the back garden, and lots of good old countryside fresh air.


It wasn’t long after we arrived before we cracked open the champagne and had a glass of bubbly in the hot tub.  This is me and Tom’s Mum toasting her birthday.

Hot tub
Hot tub

The weather was a bit changeable whilst we were there, with some sunny periods but a bit of rain too. Luckily there was enough sunshine whilst we were there for a game of croquet in the garden (which I won – whoop!) and for me to photograph some of the beautiful flowers.

Flowers in the garden

On the Monday we went to Hay on Wye to visit the town and go to the festival.  The Hay on Wye festival of literature and arts is one I’ve wanted to go to for a long time so I was excited that we were nearby whilst it was on.  Hay itself is such a pretty town (with many, many bookshops and other lovely little shops) and it really came alive during the festival, with food stalls, folk bands playing and generally a really fun atmosphere.

Hay Bookshops
Hay Festival Castle
Hay Festival Folk Band

We spent a bit of time exploring the festival area itself but we didn’t go to any of the talks – I’d like to go back and see some of those sometime.  We visited the festival bookshop and some of the stands and had a pint of cider and some food in the food area (Tom and his Mum shared a very civilised plate of cheese and biscuits – yum!)

Hay on Wye Festiva;

As well as visiting Hay on Wye we also visited Ludlow and spent quite a lot of money on chutneys, cheese, meats and other yummy bits from the Ludlow Food Centre, which was amazing.  We also had a delicious roast dinner in a local pub on the Sunday.  So all in all, lots of good food, good company and a really lovely time.  I would definitely visit Shropshire again – next time I will drop in on you Char, I promise!

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