The Little Things

I haven’t done a Happy List post in a couple of weeks so I was excited when I spotted the latest campaign by chic designer brand Bastyan, urging fans to celebrate the things that make life more beautiful – taking time to spot, and share, the things that make them smile.

Bastyan pride themselves on attention to detail, from designer occasion dresses with delicate beading to embellished tops.  It’s definitely the little things I notice in an item of clothing (like dresses with pockets, amIright?) as I think that’s often what stands a cheaper item apart from something more quality.

In the spirit of the campaign, I thought I’d share some of the little things that have been making me happy this week.

001. The view from the Golden Jubilee Bridges in London last week (where I was doing a special kind of dress shopping with my Mum!)

002. A chilled glass of fizz with a strawberry in it to celebrate Tom’s birthday (in his parents’ lovely garden, with the sun shining).

003. Evening snacks done right – this one was baked Cinnamon Roll Quest Bar, Toffee Peanut Butter, strawberries and greek yoghurt.  Yum.

004. Seeing a sneaky Bodhi leg sticking out from under the sofa – does anyone else’s dog do this?

005. Driving past a beautiful field of poppies (sorry rubbish photo!)

006. Noticing a difference in my hair – it’s definitely growing!

007. Seeing Green Woodpeckers fly by my window at work.

008. A long bike ride in the forest on Monday – flying down hills with the sun streaming through the trees.

009. Sitting in the garden in the morning to cool down after my morning run.

010. Listening to the birds singing in the evening when I’m lying in bed reading.

I absolutely love noting the little things that make me smile so this Bastyan campaign is right up my street.
Everyone who joins the #BastyanLittleThings movement will get 20% off at – simply share your image on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook then and they’ll email your code when the campaign ends.  (More details are over on their blog).

What’s been making you smile this week?

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