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I feel like amongst my posts about weekends away, and health and fitness updates, I haven’t really checked in and given a bit of a general life update, and I have this weird feeling that you’re all collectively out there feeling like you’re missing out on the real minutiae of my life, like “Hey, Rosie, we know you went to Norwich and stopped eating ricecakes and light philadelphia, but tell me about what you’ve been doing on the days when you haven’t been gallavanting around the country – like, what’s your kitchen looking like – and, have you worn shorts this weekend?” SO I will give you what you so obviously want and tell you about all these things and more (nb. I jest, I know you don’t really care about my kitchen but I’m going to tell you anyway).

So today was a very big exciting day in the Tapping-Wright household (that’s me and Tom, fact fans) – the day of the great kitchen fitting.  When I left for work this morning the kitchen looked like this…

Old kitchen

And when I arrived home it looked… the same.  I am actually unconvinced the kitchen fitter came today – he came round to collect a key at 9am and said he was coming back but I’m not entirely sure he did.  Confusing and slightly anti-climatic first day of KITCHEN WEEK.

So my conservatory currently still looks like this – i.e. full of kitchen items with no room for our conservatory furniture.  And the rest of the house is full of cardboard boxes full of kitchenware.  I’m not going to lie, it’s making me slightly antsy, I like order and neatness, not clutter and boxes! It is taking over most of our house at the moment as we seem to have an awful lot of non-kitchen related clutter and boxes too – I think we need a major clearout.


Luckily we have a utility room which isn’t being refitted which is now housing the kettle, toaster and smoothie maker, as, if I wasn’t able to have my morning green tea and green smoothie (in my still green kitchen) I might not actually be able to go to work.  

Aside from packing the entire kitchen into cardboard boxes this weekend, I still found time to enjoy the sunshine.  I came home from work on Friday and immediately put shorts and flip flops on and went and sat in the garden – it was fab (see, I told you I’d share a shorts update with you).

On Friday night we went out for a friend’s birthday in nearby Highcliffe and ate muchos pizza.  I had a pulled pork, chorizo, egg and onion pizza which was pretty darned good.  I took a picture, but pizza is one of those things that really doesn’t photograph well isn’t it? It’s a very unphotogenic instagram food.  It’s no pancakes, or red velvet cake is it?  Sorry, pizza. Hope I haven’t hurt your feelings.

On Saturday I had a beach day with my friend Kate and one of her little girls, Daisy.  It was one of the best days I’ve had in ages – we walked to the beach and had a picnic of bagels, Pringles and blueberries and then Daisy and Kate made sandcastles whilst I took some snaps.

Beach day


We then went for a longer walk, with a little stop on the way for tea and cake – well we had to keep our energy levels up!  Saturday night was for getting stuck into the second series of Orange is the New Black on Netflix and having an early night after all that walking and sunshine!

Sunday was mostly for packing up the kitchen, but we did escape briefly to go to Sainsbury’s (another update I know you couldn’t have lived without).  I snapped this picture on my phone of Mare’s Tails cloud formation (Cirrus uncinus don’tcha know) – no filter required, such a beautiful day.

One more quick update – make sure you check out the new sk:n clinic site ‘Find Your Future Face‘ where you can find out what life might be like in 50 years time and future-proof your life (and your skin!) by getting dermatologist recommendations and advice – it’s really interesting.  To celebrate their launch they’ve also very kindly given me some of their products to road test so I’m excited to be sharing those with you over the coming weeks.  Have you tried any of their products?

Sk:n products

So, what’s new with you? How’s your kitchen this week? Have you worn shorts? Tell all!

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