A weekend in Norwich

I’ve had so many weekends away over the past month that I barely know where to begin with sharing them with you (and I can hardly remember where I’ve been and when!) It’s fair to say it’s been a bit of a whirlwind month, with trips to London, Norwich, Shropshire and over to the Isle of Wight, but luckily I’m home this weekend (albeit we have to pack up our entire kitchen!) and for the next few so I can get used to sleeping in my own bed and not living out of a suitcase!

We went to Norwich a couple of weeks ago to stay with my brother, who up until today lived in a lovely flat just outside of the city centre.  I say up until today because he’s just got a new job in Aberdeen and will be moving his life up there over the next few days, which is very exciting and scary for him at the same time – good luck Tom!

Tom (my brother, not my other half – a bit confusing!) lived in Leeds prior to living in Norwich and we didn’t get a chance to visit him there, so we thought we’d better visit him in Norwich before he relocated to Scotland! I never knew what a cool and vibrant city Norwich was, and I feel sad that I’ve discovered that now just as he’s moving!

We arrived there on a Friday night and started the weekend with a big Chinese takeaway, ciders and a film, before an early night – I’d had to drive to Northampton to pick (my) Tom up from a training course and then we drove on to Norwich, and five hours in a car seriously knackered me out!

The next day we woke up bright and early and headed into Norwich for brunch.  We went to The Iron House – I had ‘Eggs Markus’ and a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, both of which were delicious.


We then headed into the town for a bit of shopping (I say we – my Mum, my brother’s girlfriend and me did, the boys went to the pub!) and our first stop was this rather charming tea and coffee shop, Wilkinson’s. They had an amazing range of tea and the girl behind the counter was really helpful and knowledgeable. I bought some Rose Petal Green Tea and Passionfruit, Mango and Guava Green Tea.  Yum!

Tea shop

We then did quite a significant amount more shopping, and I picked up some bits in House of Fraser, Mango and Topshop, before meeting my Dad, brother and Tom at the pub for cocktails (well, they had beer!)

We then went to a burger restaurant for dinner – it was a really lovely family dinner so I didn’t go too crazy with the camera, you’ll just have to trust me that my fish fillet burger and sweet potato fries were uh-mazing!

The next day we took Bodhi and my parents’ dog Henry for a walk in Horstead, near Coltishall.  We set off from The Recruiting Sargeant pub and went for a lovely walk by the river.

Riverside walk
Riverside walk
Riverside walk
Riverside walk

Bodhi got really hot but he doesn’t like going in the water so Tom pushed him in when he went for a drink! I’m not sure he liked it but he did like cooling down and he and Henry had a lovely run around.  We then went back to the pub for lunch and it was in-credible.

Tom had a started of scallops and pork belly…

Starter - scallops and pork belly

I had a steak, which came with onion rings, a side caesar salad, and sweet potato fries!

Sunday dinner

It’s fair to say that I was just a little bit full after polishing all that off! After lunch and some more ciders in the beer garden (except for for Tom as the designated driver!) we set off back for home.  I must admit I spent most of the 4.5 hour journey wishing I hadn’t eaten quite as much!

It was such a wonderful weekend in Norwich, and we were so lucky with the weather! I was quite sad to wave Norwich goodbye knowing we wouldn’t any longer have an excuse to visit (apart from my desperation to meet Jenny!) but I am excited for my brother moving to Aberdeen, and now we have a whole another city to visit!

Have you been to Norwich? Or indeed, Aberdeen? We are city-hoppers at the moment!

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