Some quick home updates

The last time I spoke to my Granddad before he died, I was complaining about nothing in our house being done, and all of the DIY that was hogging my to-do list.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” he said – a simple statement, but one that has stayed with me, not only because it was sage advice, but also because I will always treasure that last catch-up phonecall.

It is really difficult to fit in DIY and home improvements when you work Monday to Friday, 9-5.  With most of our friends and family over an hour away, our weekends are always occupied with day trips or weekends away and my Filofax fills up months in advance, especially at this time of the year when we try and get away camping and in the van, as well as birthday parties, weddings and the like.  And we rarely want to get the paintbrush out in the evenings after a long day at work, especially when Tom has been doing outdoor based training as he comes home and understandably just wants to flop on the sofa.

What we’ve been trying to do is do a few bits here and there and make a few small updates that will make a difference.  Tom prefers to take one room at a time and make sure it is 100% done before we move onto the next, whereas I like to do bits everywhere here and there – I’m desperate to paint the bathroom, rearrange things in the lounge, clear things from the spare bedroom and move the bed in our bedroom (too many injuries from the tiny gap between the wall and the base of the bed have taken their toll!)

I’ve mentioned before that the living room has been a bit of a bugbear of mine as it has about 100 different colours and styles in it and no sense of uniformity.  I love this living room from a freshome article – using a pallette of mainly yellow, coral red and accents of mint green is really effective.

I recently stuck a colour palette on our living room wall and tried to focus on using mainly those colours in the living room.  Those colours are quite similar to above, a sea green, red, beige and grey.  I then tried an experiment where I took all of the things out of the room that weren’t that colour, but surprisingly, it didn’t make a great deal of difference and I felt that it still looked a bit of a mish-mash.

Living room
Living room
Living room

We are having a new sofa delivered over the next few weeks, though the photo above has made me yearn for something more colourful than the grey I chose, and I’ve now been looking for fabric sofas online! I absolutely love that yellow sofa, it adds such a pop of colour and really contributes to the retro feel of the room. Sofas have always seemed like a very grown up purchase to me – the one we’re getting rid of is a sofa bed that cost about £100, whereas I’ve always yearned for a more special type of place to create a bum imprint on! I think a quality, stylish sofa can really make a room.  I do yearn for one of those sofas that just swallow you up, huge and ridiculously comfy…

Our bedroom is one of the few rooms in our house that I feel really content with.  The white floorboards and walls make me feel really calm, and now I’ve moved my yoga mat into the bedroom it’s such a relaxing place to do some stretches or just chill out.  We have quite a large window and the view is the street outside, but when I’m lying on my yoga mat I can only see all of the trees above the houses and when they’re swaying in the wind or there’s beautiful blue skies it’s such a calming view.  We’ve just put on some anchor bedding I bought from Asda a couple of weeks ago and it’s such a great addition to the room – it fits perfectly! Sadly I think the anchor bedding is now sold out – we managed to track a set down in our local store.


Our new kitchen is being fitted in a couple of weeks and we really can’t wait.  I won’t miss the green cupboards! Painting the floorboards white has not been as successful as we thought as it really picks up stains – there is already a huge tea stain that we can’t get off – so we’ll probably get some laminate tiles fitted after the kitchen’s gone in.  The kitchen units are slate grey with a black laminate worktop so I’m now thinking of colour schemes for accessories – I’m thinking black and white with a hint of red now and then, what do you think?

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