FYT & Co iPad case and YouTube yoga

Happy Thursday campers! Does this week feel really long to you? It definitely does for me – I think I’ve got used to four-day weeks thanks to all those bank holidays, though it’s actually another four day week for me as tomorrow we’re driving to Norwich to see my brother, hopefully for a weekend of barbecues and sunshine! I’m just checking in today to chat about my adventures with YouTube yoga videos, and the snazzy new FYT&Co case I have to house my iPad Mini when it’s not being propped up next to my yoga mat!

I mentioned in my recent post ‘What you do every day‘ that I wanted to make yoga more of a daily routine – whether that be a 10 minute wake-up session in the morning, a yoga class, or a longer pre-bedtime routine. I have been to a couple of classes locally where I live, but one is really over-subscribed and I can only go when people cancel, and the other is on Friday night at 6.30, and working late and weekends away have meant I’ve missed a lot of the classes.

I decided to recently explore what there was available on YouTube in the way of classes, discovering Tara Stiles first of all, whose routines are really good for short bursts of yoga – I love her Morning Yoga for Energy, it makes me feel really awake and energised in the morning (does what it says on the tin then!) I find her sessions are quite fast with lots of changing moves, which is really good for when you can only spare 10 minutes, but I really wanted to find a channel that had longer videos and really focussed on the form and movement.  I was over the moon to discover Yoga with Adriene via a Twitter recommendation.  Her videos are so good, and she is really normal and fun and not afraid to have a laugh in the videos, which really appeals to me!

I’ve set up my yoga mat in my bedroom now and I like to burn some incense, shut the curtains and create a nice relaxed atmosphere, then prop up my iPad Mini somewhere visible and put one of her videos on.  It’s a great way of trying, or undertaking yoga practice at home and I’m really getting a lot out of it.  (Bodhi however is not quite in support of the new setup and likes to climb up on the bed and drop his toys on me when I’m doing it, in complaint of the lack of attention he’s getting).

FYT case

I’m not going to talk too much about yoga on here as I know it’s not something everyone is interested in, but I may talk more about it in my health and fitness updates.  However the other thing I wanted to share with you today is my rather snazzy new iPad case, courtesy of FYT & Co.  I am completely in love with the geometric design and the fleece-y lining, it’s the perfect gadget case.

FYT iPad case
FYT iPad case
FYT iPad case

FYT Geometric Tech Case // £20*

FYT & Co are a new accessories brand whose range include some rather stylish and cool products I am now majorly lusting after – I love the geometric prints and pastel shades in their lookbook so keep your eye out for their pieces in the V&A shop and soon to be on Amazon.  They have some rather cute backpacks, holdalls and tote bags I’ve been eyeing up, as well as their gadget cases.  I love that mine is roomy enough to store a few other bits rather than just my iPad Mini, it will be perfect for lobbing a book and a phone in for a train journey as well as keeping my iPad safe when it’s inside my bag.  I went through a phase where I wasn’t using my iPad Mini much but now I’ve been using it to watch videos out it’s been out and about a lot and I’m excited that it’s got such a pretty new home!

Do you have an iPad that you use for health and fitness videos or workout routines?  Are there any other YouTube channels I need to check out?

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